You Spoke – We Listened!

Last week we were excited to launch the new Mosaic by ACT Adaptive Academic Learning brand into your learning experience. The Mosaic by ACT solution ultimately belongs to you and we always strive to deliver an even better journey for you and your students. We hope you’ve noticed and are enjoying the fresh new look.

Your feedback and engagement is always a major driver for future enhancements.
So, this week we’d like to introduce you to an addition that came directly from you – our users.

Meet our 12 new personalized avatars!

This idea and implementation are exactly what makes Mosaic by ACT Adaptive Academic Learning fun and engaging for your students from day-to-day.

Teacher Tips:  Give them a fresh face for a new week!  Why not take five minutes on your next Zoom call and reinvigorate students this week by having them seek out the new avatars.  Also In a recent webinar, we explored strategies and resources to help you both define and monitor student engagement in a digital classroom.  Get them going with the avatars – then dig into the resources in the link above while they’re working.

Student Tip: Go ahead and get the latest look from the over 50 avatars from people, to icons, to favorite animals.  Have fun with it!

Engaging in a shared virtual space where learning and instruction take place can be challenging. So, we hope new avatars help bring the fun!  And, as always, your ideas and feedback are an important part of our innovation process.  We welcome your input as we build this tool to serve you and your students.

Have a great week!
Your Mosaic by ACT: Adaptive Academic Learning team

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