A great way to reward students for hard work or motivate them to keep trying their best is to award them bonus coins for completed assignments. Adding coins to assignments is easy and here is how it works:

  1. Launch your classroom
  2. On the left menu, click Math/ELA > Practice 1.0. Click Assignments
  3. To the far right of the assignment, click the eye icon under Actions
  4. On the left, select a student (or browse through all students on the right)
  5. On the right, click on the Edit button on the right hand side of the feedback box
  6. In the pop-up, fill in Grade, Comments, and Coins and then mark Reviewed
  7. Click Save
  8. If you’d like to add the same grade/feedback/coins to multiple students at once: On the left side, select the students, then above the list of students click the green Review & Feedback button


Similarly, for Spelling, eBooks, Writing, Reading Log, and Projects:

  1. Go to the respective Assignments page
  2. Click on the eye icon for the assignment
  3. Then click the Edit button to add coins and feedback

Now your students will feel extra-appreciated for their hard work! They can then use their coins to play games, redeem rewards, choose a new wallpaper, and more!


ScootPad Team

To help you better engage your students on ScootPad, we have made several improvements to the Class Wall!

1. You and your students can post more than just text! Both teachers and students can post images, URLs, and videos. Want to try it out now? Follow these steps to post a video.

2. Based on your suggestions, we’ve made the spell check function less strict, allowing students to post messages that may contain mistakes or words not recognized in the dictionary.

Note: Inappropriate words (if spelled correctly) will be blocked. Additionally, the only single letters that are allowed are the letters “i” and “a” – this is to prevent students from spelling out an inappropriate word with spaces in between the letters. Computer-savvy students may be able to figure out other creative ways to post inappropriate words, therefore we strongly encourage you to be vigilant of what your students are posting!

3. Students can encourage each other by giving a thumbs-up to a classmate’s post. They also have the ability to flag a post, should they see an inappropriate message. If a post is flagged 5 times, you will be notified to review it.

Students can “like” a classmate’s post

Students can flag an inappropriate post

We hope with these improvements you enjoy better engagement with your students on ScootPad!

The ScootPad Team


We’re super excited to announce the release of our new assessment content! Each standard (across grades K-8 in math and ELA) now has many assessment questions available (100+ in some cases) in various TEI formats and DOK Levels.

These questions are fully aligned to the standard with varying levels of DOK (Depth of Knowledge Level 1-4). You can now use the filters to search for questions at your desired level of DOK.
Moreover, all questions are developed using the 50 tech enhanced question formats with a minimum of 5 formats per standard – such as drag and drop, graphs, reorder paragraphs, and more! You can now use the filters to search for questions of your desired TEI format.

You can either browse the question bank and handpick your favorite questions for an assessment. Or, you can auto-generate an assessment and let ScootPad pick the questions for you based on the concepts you want. Ready to create an assessment? Follow these steps from our Help Center.
We hope that you enjoy the enhanced assessment content! If you’d like to learn more about Assessments and the Content Exchange, please see our blog post.
The ScootPad Team

Based on feedback from teachers and other educators, we’re happy to release several improvements to the Assignment Review page for Spelling!

Here’s what we improved on:

1. You can review multiple student results at once. Instead of clicking each student one-by-one, you can see all their scores and results on one page.


2. You can give feedback to multiple students at once. If you have the same feedback to give all or some of your students, select those students and enter the feedback for all of them in one go.


3. You can reassign the assignment to a student or multiple students. For students who have scored below expectations, this is a quick way to have them do the assignment again.


4. You can review results by student or by word and easily identify which words or students need some attention.


5. You can print your students’ submissions and their feedback details for your records, or for your students to take home to show their parents.


We hope these improvements help you more efficiently review your students’ results! Be on the lookout for similar improvements to the Assignments Review page for Reading Log, Projects, eBooks, Writing, Math & ELA in the coming days.

If you have any questions, start a live chat from your account or email us at support@scootpad.com.

The ScootPad Team


Today we’re excited to announce the release dates of the upcoming product improvements and new features that are scheduled to be available over the next several weeks.

Summary of these major releases:

  • Enhanced Assessment Content: 30th Sep 2016
  • New Practice 2.0 Feature: 31st Oct 2016
  • New Lessons Feature: 18th Nov 2016
  • New Curricula & Standards: 16th Dec 2016

For more details, please review the included Google slides.

Stay tuned for more details and learn how to start using these new features with your students. Hope you’ll love these new features as much as we do.

The ScootPad Team

We’ve given the Student Dashboard a new look based on feedback from teachers and parents like you!

Tasks are now color coded by type:

  • Assessments are pink
  • Placement tests are orange
  • Assignments are green
  • Practices are purple

Student Daisy’s dashboard

Students can view tasks by all types or by each individual type. The Launch button for each task is now simply called Start.

The Class Wall is also in the forefront, right next to the students’ Tasks.

We hope these changes make ScootPad even more engaging, and easier for your students to choose the correct task they need to work on!

The ScootPad Team


Teacher Training & PD

Are you a teacher looking to become more ScootPad-saavy, or an admin wanting to get your teachers trained on ScootPad?

We’ve got you covered with on-demand help resources, free webinars, and PDs!

Get trained swiftly in 3 easy steps

Please follow this recommended training approach, and teachers will be able to fancy themselves ScootPad experts:

  1. First, have teachers navigate through their account, and check out our Training page for helpful tips and videos.
  2. Then, have teachers sign up for a free weekly webinar to further learn basic to advanced ScootPad skills. They can sign up for a webinar on our Training page.
  3. Finally, schedule a PD workshop, a personalized live webinar training just for your school. Email training@scootpad.com for more information or to schedule a PD.

Free Weekly Webinars

Our free webinars are open for anyone to sign up! And did we mention they’re FREE?Here’s our schedule (all times in Pacific):

Every Tueday:
2pm – ScootPad for Admins
3pm – Admins: Exciting Improvements on ScootPad

Every Wednesday:
11:30am – ScootPad Basics for Teachers
12:30pm – ScootPad Advanced for Teachers
3pm – Teachers: Exciting Improvements on ScootPad

Every Thursday:
2pm – ScootPad Basics for Teachers
3pm – ScootPad Advanced for Teachers

Register Now

We look forward to getting you trained and turning you int a ScootPad expert!

The ScootPad Team


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