ScootPad is Back!

ScootPad is back this spring and we’re here to help you prepare for next school year, too! Learning Explorer welcomes ScootPad users back to the popular adaptive learning platform. As we announced in February, Learning Explorer has completed its acquisition of the Mosaic™ Adaptive Academic Learning platform from ACT®, and we’re reintroducing the adaptive learning... Continue Reading →

We’ve Been Certified!

Our research and product teams are proud to announce that Mosaic™ by ACT® Adaptive Academic Learning has earned the Research-Based Design product certification from Digital Promise. The product certification—which is active for three years—is a rigorous and affirmative signal for district and school administrators, educators, and families who demand that educational technology (edtech) products are based in research about learning.  Learning is a... Continue Reading →

You Spoke – We Listened!

Last week we were excited to launch the new Mosaic by ACT Adaptive Academic Learning brand into your learning experience. The Mosaic by ACT solution ultimately belongs to you and we always strive to deliver an even better journey for you and your students. We hope you’ve noticed and are enjoying the fresh new look.... Continue Reading →

Student Engagement in the Digital World

In a traditional classroom setting, you can identify when a student is emotionally invested in material based on the quality of their work or their appetite to find out more about the subject. It is also very apparent when a student is disengaged. When a student removes themselves from the virtual setting emotionally, the signs aren’t as easy to... Continue Reading →

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