ScootPad and Canvas Now Integrated to Deliver Single Sign-On

ScootPad is now a Certified Partner of Canvas, a modern learning management system by Instructure, together providing a simplified sign-in process for educators and students. Users are now able to launch into ScootPad right from their Canvas dashboard with one click of a mouse. This integration will allow educators and students to spend less time signing in and more time on learning.

Search for ScootPad in the Canvas’ External Apps:


Install and add ScootPad to your course in Canvas:



For more details on how to set up Canvas integration, view our help article.

Are you using another LMS/LTI system other than Canvas? No problem. You can still add ScootPad as an external app to any LTI-compatible LMS/SIS system. To integrate with any another LMS/SIS system, check out our follow these steps.

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Differentiated Learning vs Personalized Learning

Differentiated learning and personalized learning – what’s the difference? These two terms are very commonly used these days and yet, there is very little clarity around their definition and how they work in a classroom setting. No worries – we’ll put these terms into perspective from a teacher/classroom standpoint with few simple examples.

Differentiated learning is when teachers set up different paths for groups of students to take, to achieve the same learning goal.

ScootPad enables differentiation by giving teachers the ability to assign different learning paths to different students. For example, there are 20 students in a 5th grade class. The teacher can assign a 4th grade learning path to 5 students who are below grade level, a 5th grade learning path to 20 students who are at grade level, and the advanced 5th grade learning path to the remaining 5 students who are ahead of their peers. Teachers can also build assignments with focus on specific concepts tailored to different groups of students.

personalizeddifferentiated-blogDiagram of differentiated learning

Personalized learning allows students to achieve individual learning objectives at their own pace.

ScootPad’s learning paths and adaptive algorithms work together to enable personalized learning for students. Using data from each student in real-time, ScootPad identifies where each student falls within their learning path and will provide practice in concepts accordingly. For example, Daisy and Lily are working on Concept A on their learning path. Daisy quickly masters Concept A and moves onto Concept B. Lily, however, is having trouble mastering the concept so ScootPad will provide enrichment content such as Scootorials and additional practice until she masters Concept A.



Diagram of personalized learning

A recent independent research by EdSurge, sponsored by Pearson, announced a framework to understand and evaluate “adaptive learning technologies”. ScootPad has been recognized as one of the three adaptive tools, alongside McGraw Hill’s ALEKS and Pearson’s SuccessMaker, that enable adaptive sequence and adaptive assessment for grades K-8. Furthermore, of the three, ScootPad is distinguished as the only platform covering both Math and ELA for grades K-8, accessible from anywhere at any time on any mobile/desktop device. Learn more about EdSurge’s research on adaptive learning.

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ScootPad and ClassLink Integration Now Available For Single Sign-on

We’re excited to announce that ClassLink is now integrated with ScootPad to provide a seamless single sign-on process and an overall improved user experience for admins, teachers, and students!

ScootPad can now be launched through ClassLink’s My Apps page with a simple click of a mouse. ClassLink and ScootPad are leveraging Learning Tools Interoperability® (LTI) to provide a rich integration of two world-class platforms. Schools, developers, and publishers that embrace specifications like LTI have better, more secure, and faster connections between digital education resources. That means more time can be spent on learning and less on trying to get students logged in!

Click the + sign on the top page of My Apps on ClassLink:


Select ScootPad from the App Library:


For more detailed help on how to integrate ScootPad with ClassLink, check out our help article.

Are you using another LMS/LTI system other than ClassLink? No problem. You can still add ScootPad as an external app to any LTI-compatible LMS/SIS system. To integrate with any another LMS/SIS system, follow these steps.

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EdSurge research confirms TRUE adaptive learning through ScootPad

“Adaptive learning” is a popular edtech buzzword, used by curriculum and learning management systems alike.  Yet, there’s very little clarity around what this technology does, doesn’t do, and how it actually works.

With support from education giant Pearson, EdSurge spent six months extensively researching and developing a framework on what “adaptive learning technology” does.


Learn more about EdSurge’s research on adaptive learning

EdSurge took a deep dive into 23 different tools to analyze how each tool adapts or responds to a learner in real-time.

We’re pleased to announce that ScootPad has been recognized as one of the three adaptive tools, alongside McGraw Hill’s ALEKS and Pearson’s SuccessMaker, that enable adaptive sequence and adaptive assessment for grades K-8. Furthermore, of the three, ScootPad is distinguished as the only platform covering both Math and ELA for grades K-8, accessible from anywhere at any time on any mobile/desktop device.

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Adaptive eBooks NOW Available!

We’re excited to announce the availability of Adaptive eBooks feature on ScootPad. Students can now read grade-aligned eBooks auto-assigned to them from their eBook Learning Paths while answering built-in comprehension questions along the way. Each student can read independently at his/her own pace progressing automatically along the assigned learning path with no teacher/parent intervention.

eBook Learning Paths

eBooks LP
Adaptive reading is made possible with eBook Learning Paths now available for all K-8 grades, each with grade aligned fiction and non-fiction eBooks with built-in comprehension questions. You also have the ability to create your own eBook learning paths using our library of 500+ eBooks. District & School Administrators can easily design eBook learning paths and seamlessly share them with teachers to adopt in classrooms.

Reading on Auto-Pilot

ebook LP task

Powered by eBook Learning Paths, students can simply launch their next eBook to read directly from their dashboard. Students are automatically prompted with comprehension questions along the way ensuring each students’ comprehension level with GRL-aligned understanding of the curriculum.

Built-In Comprehension Quiz

Each eBook in our library is now equipped with built-in comprehension questions to assess student comprehension in-line through out the book (unlike most other solutions which assess only at the end of the book). Easily assign any eBook from our library and let ScootPad make sure students read and comprehend each eBook. If built-in questions are not enough, you can even add your own custom open-ended questions and challenge students to submit creative written responses.

Reading Dashboard

eBooks report

As students continue their reading journey along the eBook learning path, ScootPad automatically tracks and analyzes valuable data that you can use to easily measure your students’ reading quantity, complexity, and comprehension in real-time.

Flip & Zoom

Students can now easily flip pages (swipe on touch devices) and zoom in/out of the text on any tablet device or computer. Our auto-bookmark feature let’s students resume reading from the page they last read without needing to manually bookmark.

We hope these new features will further enhance the love for reading in your students. eBook learning paths are now available to ALL Ultra Premium licensed classrooms. New classrooms and newly enrolled students will automatically be assigned their grade-appropriate eBook Learning Path. Existing classrooms that wish to take advantage of these new features are requested to follow these steps to assign an eBook learning path to their students.

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2015 Review. Looking Towards 2016.



Thanks to all of your support, 2015 has been a great year for ScootPad. We’re now a community of over 3 million educators, students and parents. Within the previous year, we’ve released major features to make our platform the best it can be including features such as the historical mastery reports, adaptive spelling learning paths, ScootHub & LMS/LTI integration, Open Content Platform, SBAC & PARCC simulation assessments, and the ability to create questions in over 50 tech-enhanced formats.

There’s so much that we are excited about for 2016. We’ve been listening to you and turning your requests into a reality with these upcoming features on our platform including Adaptive eBooks with built-in comprehension quizzes, enhanced adaptive algorithms for an even more deeper personalized learning, tech-enhanced content across the board, curriculum beyond Common Core to include all state and several international standards, more after school services for parents and a community portal for you to share and discover better ways to help students. So stay tuned as we work on bringing you some really cool stuff this year!

Happy 2016, everyone!
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ScootPad Signs Student Privacy Pledge

We’re proud to announce that ScootPad has signed the Student Privacy Pledge to continue our commitment to safeguard student data.


Student Privacy Pledge Sig_logo


The Pledge was introduced by The Future of Privacy Forum (FPF) and the Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA) to safeguard student privacy regarding the collection, maintenance, and use of student personal information. ScootPad joins other notable K-12 technology pioneers such as Follett, Edmodo, and Microsoft.

The Pledge will hold service providers accountable to:
– Not sell student information
– Not behaviorally target advertising
– Use data for authorized education purposes only
– Not change privacy policies without notice and choice
– Enforce strict limits on data retention
– Support parental access to, and correction of errors in, their children’s information
– Provide comprehensive security standards
– Be transparent about collection and use of data

ScootPad has always made student privacy our #1 priority and we constantly strive to improve the ways we serve our community of schools, districts, and families.

We invite you to learn more about the Student Privacy Pledge, its standards, and participants at For more information on ScootPad’s policies, please visit our Privacy Policy and Terms.

As always, please feel free to reach out to us via live chat, email, or give us a call at 1-800-994-0706 with any questions!

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