The Personalization Engine Powering ScootPad

Greetings ScootPad Users! If you're wondering how ScootPad works, check out the Platform section on Dive in to see all the magic that happens behind the scenes at ScootPad, and how the platform works to personalize and accelerate learning for your students. Here's a quick breakdown of the ScootPad platform: Personalization Engine a.k.a SkillsDNA With SkillsDNA, your... Continue Reading →

Introducing The Personalized Learning Path™

We are very excited to announce The Personalized Learning Path™ powered by ScootPad's SkillsDNA™ technology. Students: Your Personalized Learning Path Each student is very unique and the personalized learning path shows each student their very own path to achieve proficiency and enhance their learning. Students can review the concepts they are currently working on and... Continue Reading →

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