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ScootPad and Canvas Now Integrated to Deliver Single Sign-On

ScootPad is now a Certified Partner of Canvas, a modern learning management system by Instructure, together providing a simplified sign-in process for educators and students. Users are now able to launch into ScootPad right from their Canvas dashboard with one click of a mouse. This integration will allow educators and students to spend less time signing in and more time on learning.

Search for ScootPad in the Canvas’ External Apps:


Install and add ScootPad to your course in Canvas:



For more details on how to set up Canvas integration, view our help article.

Are you using another LMS/LTI system other than Canvas? No problem. You can still add ScootPad as an external app to any LTI-compatible LMS/SIS system. To integrate with any another LMS/SIS system, check out our follow these steps.

ScootPad Team


ScootPad gets Simpler and Easier to Use!

Hello ScootPad Users!

We’ve made several changes based solely on your feedback, to make ScootPad easier to use and to make your experience more efficient. Over 30 improvements were made to the site, that will enhance your user experience. Below, we will take a look at the top 10 improvements.

1. Click and Watch a How-To Video

You’ve clicked on a specific feature, and you’d like to dive in and learn all about it, just click on the video button at the top of each page and watch!


2. Easily Find Assignments & Assessments

You can narrow your search by toggling through active, future, & past assignments or assessments.


3. Toggle by Assignment or by Student

Click view by assignment to see general assignment information or by student to drill down further and see the assignments completed by specific students.


4. Which Concepts Have You Already Assigned?

This features helps you keep track of  the concepts you’ve already assigned your students as homework, and concepts that you might want to assign in the future.


5. Browse through Reports Quicker!

Your reports are laid out right next to each other, making it easy to toggle through them


6. Save, Download, & Print!

These options are available for all reports, making it easy for you to save and share reports


7. Assessments: Review, Assess, & Run Reports quicker!

Measure your students progress between assessments, easily view assessments reports, and assign assessments.


8. Improved Administrator Reports

Sign in as any teacher to view reports and insights from their specific classrooms.


Drill down to see how each classroom is doing in Math & ELA


 9. Tons of Training Resources

Become a ScootPad expert! This entire section is dedicated to help you learn how to use each feature and to make your experience with ScootPad more enjoyable.


10. Free Resources to Introduce and Share ScootPad

You can now print handouts and distribute them to curious teachers, administrators, and parents to teach them about ScootPad!


We are continuously improving ScootPad to make it easier and simpler for you to use, and the best way to make these improvements is with your feedback. So, thank you once again for all your input and please continue to tell us how we can improve!

ScootPad Team

My School Community

Have you checked out who else is on ScootPad?

My School Community is a platform where you can do just that! you can connect with fellow educators to exchange ideas, best practices, and much more.


With My School Community you can now see other teachers from your school and from other schools on ScootPad, opening the doors for collaboration!



You can go to Stories and share your unique ScootPad experience with thousands of ScootPad users and show them the impact ScootPad has had on your students and on yourself!


Map Schools

By clicking on Map Schools, you can see which schools near you are on ScootPad.


So go ahead and click on your “My School” button and get involved with your school community!

ScootPad Team

Very First Learnathon Winners!

Hey ScootPad Users!

As your very first Learnathon competition has come to a close, we would like to give a shoutout to the very first Learnathon winners.







school_math    school_ELA

Congratulations for making it to the number 1 spot this week! Make sure to check out the Hall of Fame to download your award.

Have you checked your classroom Learnathon yet? Sign in and click on the my school button to see your classroom’s ranking in your school. If you made it to the top 3 in your school, go ahead and download your award from the Hall of Fame.

Great job to all ScootPad students for propelling their schools and districts forward in the Learnathon this past week!


ScootPad Team


Challenging My Students & Seeing Results

Those of you who have been following my blog know I am super excited that I have many students who are practicing on ScootPad and showing concept mastery. Remi is one of those students. As I also wrote about in another post, I discovered some hidden challenges for Remi when looking at his ability by concept breakdown.

To begin to address this, I assigned some concept improvement practices for him.conceptimprovement

Each week, I assign 2 reading and 2 math. But because I wanted to target almost 10 skills with Remi, and the ELA practices are only 10 problems, I knew I’d need more practices to allow him multiple opportunities to work on the different concepts. As a result, I made him 6 assignment over more than one week. I don’t love doing this, as I’ve had students freak out when they look at their dashboard and see so many practices, as they don’t realize I’ve also extended the due date so it evens out.

To try and compensate for the “extra” work, I gave the practices a special name: Remi Challenge. I was hoping when he saw something personalized just for him, he would be inspired to take on the challenge.

Based on the number of practices he’s done so far, I’m encouraged. I’m even more excited to see the attention he’s paid to the questions which are a collection of concepts that are clearly harder for him than what he faces in most practices!! He’s doing great!!

What are ways you encourage students to take on challenges?


Dr. Michelle Anthony

The Gift of Technology

I didn’t always love technology. In fact, ours was the house where the kids watched zero TV and used zero electronic devices. Zero. I wanted my kids to touch and build and race and play.

I'd rather my kids play than watch TV

Until my oldest was in 5th grade, my kids (then 10, 7, and 4) didn’t even go to movies or watch videos, with long plane rides east to visit family being the notable exceptions. But my perspective on technology changed overnight when my 5th grader was writing a long Harris Burdick story. Over 5 single spaced pages to be exact, and she was just getting started. I loved it and was excited for her to keep going, but she didn’t want to, because this was just her rough draft, handwritten, and she would have to rewrite it all for her final draft.


Like a lightning bolt, it hit me. She was holding back her creativity and productivity because she did not have access to the tools that would enhance them. That very day, I typed up her story and gave her a laptop to take to school to work on it. Her writing blossomed as did my understanding of the power of technology to support kids’ learning. While my children still watch zero TV and rarely see movies, we do take advantage of the way tools like ScootPad enhance my children’s learning and thinking.

I talk to my fair share of parents with my initial beliefs. And on one level, I totally get it. I’ve been there. But when I talk to parents who are lamenting that their child is behind, or under challenged, or that they simply have no idea what abilities their child has or where their child falls in the spectrum of expectation for schools, I share my story with them. I show them the power of ScootPad to give them and their children exactly what they need in an instant, without the parent needing to do a thing. To me, it’s that simple: it’s like magic.

Sometimes ScootPad’s simplicity blows my mind and I’m so glad to have such a comprehensive platform to share with parents that can offer something so powerful so easily.

How has your journey been, with discovering what ScootPad can bring you?

Dr. Michelle Anthony

Remaining Open and Flexible

Finding the right level for kids is somewhat of an art. And when you find it, the context that makes it right may change. Therefore, keeping the lines of communication open with parents will be a big asset in supporting kids’ learning. As I was adjusting to my new school as the Gifted and Talented teacher a couple years back, I did not get to meet many of the parents of my students. My position had turned over for a number of years, and so many parents didn’t have much motivation to get to know the new-yet-again GT teacher.

I’m excited to be in this role at my school, to build some consistency with the kids and build relationships with the parents . Despite the limitations, there have been a few parents who have reached out to me to work with them in adjusting their child’s ScootPad content, and I am happy to do so. For example, over the summer, learning looks different than it does over the year. Kids don’t want to work as hard, and they often are in contexts that require less intensity.

Jomas' mom wrote to ask if he could do more review over the summer, as opposed to advancing.

Jonas’ mom wrote to ask if he could do more review over the summer, as opposed to advancing.

Take Jonah: his mom wrote me asking to adjust his unit, allowing him to review over the summer as opposed to advance. Perfectly reasonable request that I was happy to oblige. For Sanjay, he was in Nepal last summer with his extended family while his mother was taking a program. Thus, his 11-year-old cousin was supporting his work on Scootpad. Knowing this, his mother requested a change in his unit content to allow Sanjay (and his cousin) to be successful. Small requests allowed me to better connect with the parents, to better serve the students, and thus to allow learning to best progress, even in the months away from formal schooling!

Sanjay's 11-year-old cousin was his math support in Nepal while his mother was away. Thus, she requested an adjustment to the content he was working on.

Sanjay’s 11-year-old cousin was his math support in Nepal while his mother was away. Thus, she requested an adjustment to the content he was working on.

How do you support your students from afar?


Dr. Michelle Anthony


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