Teachers, Parents, & Students can Access Reports!

ScootPad makes it easier than ever to review student progress and share student achievements! Real-time reports are available from all accounts (teacher, parent & student)! Teacher View Select a subject (from the left) for the report you would like to see Click reports Click on advanced reports and browse through the various reports, you can print and share... Continue Reading →

Your Best Tool for Parent Teacher Conferences

This year, I’m excited to have the mastery progress report to share with parents. ScootPad puts together all the real-time data, while all I do is click print! I like having transparent data to share with the teachers for the parents. I work with over 90 students, and thus it is not possible for me to... Continue Reading →

Introducing: Weekly Snapshots!

Our weekly snapshots will keep you (teachers, administrators, and parents) up to date with your students' learning activity from the past week while providing you with your students' future tasks to be completed. You can also decide which day to have your snapshots sent out, click here to learn how: http://help.scootpad.com/knowledgebase/articles/499972-how-do-i-change-the-day-my-weekly-activity-progr We hope this helps you stay on... Continue Reading →

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