ScootPad Empowers Kids to Learn Independently

I was excited today when my son stumbled on his math practice on ScootPad. That sounds strange, doesn’t it? Why would this make me excited? Because he discovered a new tool! When my son gets stuck on a practice, he’ll call me over to problem solve with him. Sometimes, he has made a careless mistake.... Continue Reading →

Problem Solving in All Forms

ScootPad is a platform for reading and math learning; however, it hosts a number of other possibilities. One benefit that I stumbled upon quite recently was by accident.  I was helping my students connect socially on ScootPad, to help foster engagement before summer vacation. One aspect of this was to encourage them to send each... Continue Reading →

Moving from Procedural to Conceptual Thinking

My school uses Everyday Math at each grade level. Anyone who knows the Everyday Math program is aware that it uses In and Out Machines across grades. My students were very familiar and comfortable with In and Out Machines, until they encountered a different format of the exact same problem type in ScootPad. Maybe it... Continue Reading →

Prep Smarter for Standardized Tests

ScootPad is a great way to help your students prepare for standardized tests, such as the state tests many school districts are in the midst of this month. One struggle I know most teachers face is how to support students in their preparation for these important tests without letting the tests hijack the curriculum and... Continue Reading →

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