How to Differentiate Learning?

To all combo teachers, special ed teachers, grade level teachers, intervention teachers, home school teachers, immersed parents, and others - See how YOU can provide optimal & personalized learning for your students and drive improvement with the power of DIFFERENTIATION on ScootPad. Today's post will go over how to add and assign multiple learning paths... Continue Reading →

30-day free subscription ending?

ScootPad's 30-day free subscription allows you to test drive the premium featuresĀ for 30 days and helps you decide to either upgrade or continue with the basic/free subscription. We are excited and encouraged to see an overwhelming rate of adoption of these premium features by teachers, students and parents. Thousands of teachers and parents have pro-actively... Continue Reading →

Premium Subscription: Questions & Answers

Over the past 3 weeks, since we launched ScootPad Premium, we had a number of teachers and parents ask us questions about the Premium subscription and how they could leverage the new premium features for their classrooms & students. Today, we wanted to share these questions and answers with all of you and help you... Continue Reading →

A Complete Makeover (Due 4th Feb 2013)

ScootPad is getting a complete makeover! We've revamped the entire ScootPad site with two key objectives 1) to make it more user friendly & 2) to release tons of awesome features to further enhance & accelerate learning. On 4th Feb 2013 (Monday), when you Sign In to ScootPad, you'll notice that things are different. Everything... Continue Reading →

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