Introducing Our New and Improved “truly” Adaptive Placement Tests

Good news teachers! Our Adaptive Placement Test feature has gotten a major facelift with several new capabilities and improvements. Welcome to our new placement test report which shows you all the important insights about how students performed in the placement test down to the exact number of questions in each concept tested. In this new... Continue Reading →

Placement Tests in Math and ELA/Reading

Today's Feature Spotlight Series post will bring everyone's attention to our Placement Test feature.The Placement Test is a diagnostic tool to evaluate a student's proficiency in Common Core Standards. As a result, students will be placed in the appropriate unit along their current learning path.You can get to placement tests from your learning paths page... Continue Reading →

Feature Update: Amazon Store Phased-Out!

You told us, we Listened.¬†As many of you know, ScootPad was created to provide teachers and students with a safe and secure learning environment. While the Amazon store feature was exciting and engaging for students, many teachers expressed their concern about the distraction it created and the loss of valuable student learning time. We couldn't... Continue Reading →

New Features: Placement Tests and SkillsDNA powered Learning Paths

We're very excited to release these new features which will further extend ScootPad's impact and value to teachers, students and parents. Also, expect a ton more features scheduled to release over the next 10 weeks as we prepare to bring you the most comprehensive (all-in-one) and affordable Common Core Standards aligned learning platform¬†for the 2013-2014... Continue Reading →

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