NEW: Easily Send Reports to Parents

Now it's easier than ever to keep parents engaged and involved in student learning! We've added a new feature for teachers so they can send student reports such as Mastery Progress Report, Spelling Assignment Report, Standards Assessment Report & Behavior Report to parents with just a few clicks. How it Works If you don't already have parents linked... Continue Reading →

Improve student behaviors & engagement!

Do you spend a lot of your time in managing behaviors rather than delivering instruction? Check out our Behavior feature which helps you save time so you can do more teaching and less crowd control! In today's post let's take a look at how you can record your students' behavior, improve engagement and share behavior reports with... Continue Reading →

So What’s Ultra Premium All About?

In this Feature Spotlight Series post, we will shine a spotlight on the four key features that set the Ultra Premium classroom plan apart from the Premium. For a comprehensive list of what features are under each type of plan, we recommend you to review our plans & pricing page. Ultra Premium is ScootPad's most recommended... Continue Reading →

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