Using Pre-Built End of the Year Assessment Simulations

Ditch those antiquated test prep booklets and get students ready for state testing with pre-built end of the year simulations! With online simulations, you can easily assign to students and the results are available immediately! Below we’ve answered a couple of your questions regarding how to use the pre-built assessments: 1. Which end of the... Continue Reading →

What’s coming to ScootPad in early 2019?

As the first month in 2019 rapidly approaches, the ScootPad team would like to give you a sneak peek (mockups) into what's coming over the next 12 weeks.

Simplified and more intuitive Homepages (Teachers, Admins, Parents, and Students)
Popular and printable resources available on the homepage
Streamlined Classroom Wizard experience for getting started 
Ability to choose Textbook Aligned Learning Paths 
Ability for Learning Paths to be individualized based on NWEA/MAP RIT Data 

ScootPad Updates for 14th Jan 2019

This release represents the first of many big and exciting changes planned in 2019. Today's updates include: 1) Ability to view students' Mastery Score by Unit and by Domain 2) Ability to generate an assessment from a custom Learning Path 3) Ability to edit a custom Learning Path and preserve order of concepts 4) Ability to duplicate an assessment by quickly generating new questions 5) Ability for admins to easily to manage enrollment for individual students 6) Ability for admin to view classroom level assessment results

ScootPad Updates for 19th Dec 2018

ScootPad releases updates every few weeks, sometimes with small changes and sometimes with big ones. This release will wrap up 2018 as we forge ahead with even more exciting changes in 2019. Today's updates include: 1) Ability to connect more than one parent (or guardian) to a student 2) Ability for admins to easily assign or remove classroom co-teachers 3) Ability to view comprehensive usage by teacher for any period of time 4) Ability for admins to see if students are engaged in a classroom
5) Ability to easily locate school and district shared content 6) 5-minute game restriction per student attempt

What’s new in ScootPad? Updates for 10th Dec 2018

ScootPad releases updates every few weeks, sometimes with small changes and sometimes with big ones. Here are the changes and improvements released today: 1) Ability to reset fact fluency data and have student(s) repeat practice 2) Show a summary of facts practiced at the end of each session 3) Sort reports and dashboards by students' last names 4) Easy access to all PD resources including live webinars 5) Improved rewards page with simple navigation and review

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