New Look and Feel

If you look around the platform today, you will notice that we’ve updated the legacy ScootPad logo with a fresh and new Mosaic™ by ACT® Adaptive Academic Learning logo and brand.

The new Mosaic by ACT Adaptive Academic Learning mark represents a significant part of the Mosaic by ACT Comprehensive Learning Solution. The part of the solution that personalizes learning paths, scaffolds support, and leads kids to mastery in a fun and engaging way.

Our comprehensive solution has many components, all designed to work together. Adaptive Academic Learning, Social Emotional Learning and Learning and Professional Services. Each works as parts of the mosaic to address your greatest educational needs and ensure learning success.

What’s your learning story? Just like pieces of a mosaic, our new brand visually represents our belief that everyone’s learning story is unique. We are here to support students, teachers, and families, and serve their individual needs​ while promoting equity, access, and learning for all​.

This is only the beginning!  You’ll note that for a while longer the URL will remain This will change over the next few months as we begin to communicate even more customer-driven updates around expanded content, additional resources, additional grade levels, all while striving to deliver an even better experience.

The Mosaic by ACT solution ultimately belongs to you and we strive to deliver an even better experience for you and your students. Know that your feedback and engagement is a major driver for future enhancements. We hope you enjoy today’s unveiling of the Mosaic by ACT Adaptive Academic Learning brand.

To learn more about the entire Mosaic by ACT Comprehensive Learning Solution, please connect with us at

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