Mosaic by ACT: Why a Comprehensive Learning Solution? 

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Every learning story has moments of success––and challenge. For several years, ACT has been thinking about what we can do to help better serve students and educators through it all. It’s in those moments when the greatest opportunities arise to make an impact together.   

The moment is now! It’s a hard time for districts, teachers, and learners everywhere. Many schools, teachers, and families have turned to online learning solutions during the Covid-19 pandemic. But not all resources are easy to use, or truly helpful for students looking to get back to learning––or for teachers trying to help their students continue to progress, close learning gaps, and gain new skills. 

Fortunately, we’re offering Mosaic by ACT, a comprehensive digital learning solution that includes adaptive academic learning, social emotional learning, and learning and professional services for districts and schools. 

Comprehensive Learning for Student Success 

At ACT, we’ve long known academics are deeply important—and that they’re just one aspect of everything that prepares a learner for success. We developed the ACT Holistic Framework based on 60 years of education and workforce research showing that learners need strong academic skills and strong social emotional skills to truly excel in their endeavors. 

The ACT Holistic Framework helps people understand education and work readiness, navigate life’s transition points, and reach success. It features four key domains that encourage a more expansive vision of the tools and abilities that help people learn, achieve, and grow. This includes core academic skills, cross-cutting capabilities, behavioral skills, and education and career navigation skills. 

We’re thrilled that Mosaic by ACT helps us put the principles behind the ACT Holistic Framework into action. 

With adaptive academic learning, a robust social emotional learning program, and customizable learning services you can put to work for you, Mosaic by ACT is the most comprehensive learning solution on the market today. 

Your students are unique and multifaceted. Their learning should be, too.   

Find out more about Mosaic by ACT, the ACT Holistic Framework, and our comprehensive approach to learning at

It’s a challenging time––but we’re here to help. And we look forward to supporting your students with a research-backed solution that will ensure they continue to learn and grow now and for years to come.  

Your Learning Partners at ACT  

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