Sneak Peek for Our Followers: Mosaic by ACT

The adaptive learning you love––now part of a comprehensive solution. 

At ACT, we’ve always known every learner’s story is unique. We also know the need for quality online learning tools is more pressing than ever. 

That’s why we’re excited to announce the next chapter in our learning story: ScootPad is now Mosaic by ACT! 

This means the great tools you know as ScootPad are now part of a comprehensive digital learning solution featuring academic resources, social emotional learning resources, and learning and professional services you can tailor to your needs. 

Here’s a sneak preview of the Mosaic by ACT logo––just for you!

The good news is you’ll still get the adaptive learning your students love. The great news is that these resources are now part of a comprehensive learning solution with everything students need to continue to grow, even during a challenging time––and everything teachers need to support them. 

What should you expect with this change?  

You’ll see the new Mosaic by ACT logo on your platform soon. And in our next few blog posts, we’ll fill you in on how our researchers and developers have been working to create the most comprehensive learning solution available today.  

We can’t wait to share more about the research and philosophy behind Mosaic by ACT, and all the ways it can help you maximize budget and time, so you can focus on the thing that counts: being there for your students. 

ACT is really excited about this evolution for ScootPad. As with any change, there might be questions that come up, or little bumps in the road. Feel free to reach out. We’re making these changes to serve you, so we want to hear what you think! 

We know it’s a hard time for educators and learners everywhere. But we’re hopeful about the future. And we look forward to helping you write the next chapter in your learning story. 

Your Learning Partners at ACT

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