ScootPad Introduces 37,000 ACT Learning Resources!

We are pleased to announce the availability of 37,000 new ACT Learning Resources in ScootPad – just as the school year gets underway for most students. We understand that this school year will be unlike past years and will present unique challenges that we are prepared to help you address. In this post we will discuss how ACT Learning Resources fills the gap and solves for these challenges easily and efficiently.

What are ACT Learning Resources?

ACT Learning Resources are Open Education Resources (OER). More specifically, these are standards-aligned videos, simulations, lessons, collections, games and interactives designed for K-12 Teaching and Learning. We employ teachers to harvest and curate only the best K-12 OER using a consistent process and time-tested rubric that ensures quality and usability for teaching and learning. We partner proprietary technology with teacher curator review to ensure both availability and appropriateness for the classroom.

What challenges will ACT Learning Resources solve?

  1. The number of standalone resources in ScootPad have not been sufficient. By adding in 37,000 additional items, this increases the variety tremendously.
  2. The types of resources in ScootPad have been limited to video-based lessons. ACT Learning Resources will come in different varieties including games, simulations, interactives, lessons, and collections.
  3. Teacher-driven intervention in ScootPad required the teacher to find outside resources that may or may not have been available. ACT Learning Resources are now available to launch from within the Intervention monitor and will save teachers time!

Accessing ACT Learning Resources

  1. As a standalone assignment or task

Resources and time are limited. Add to this the possibility of having to teach virtually and in person and the challenge becomes apparent. Now with just a few clicks, you can assign an actual lesson, game, or even a simulation for one or more students aligned to what you are teaching. See the simulation below.

2. From the Content Library

The Content Library is where you can browse and assign our pre-built standards-aligned learning content or create your own. Give the new ACT Learning Resources section a spin and “star” any of the resources you would like to assign to your students later or project in a virtual session for real time interaction!

3. From the Intervention Monitor

If ScootPad determines a student and/or concept needs re-teaching or a different level of intervention from the teacher – this is when you’ll see concepts in the learning path in red and marked as needing “Intervention”. The Intervention Monitor is where we will identify 3 levels of intervention aligned to the RTI framework : Tiers 1-3.

Once you’ve identified concepts requiring re-teaching for one or more students, ScootPad offers tools to help in your strategy. Launch a new ACT Learning Resource that students can review before you check their understanding with an improvement practice. This is a huge time saver and replaces 3 steps. Previously, you would have to 1) visit the Intervention Monitor 2) Jot down the lesson and students who needed assistance and 3) Locate and assign a standalone lesson.

The Student View

Practice in ScootPad leads to mastery, pure and simple. With the addition of over 37,000 Learning Resources, the variety for your students is endless! Check out a student below who gets to play a cool game about graphs!

We hope you’ll enjoy these improvements. Please continue to send us your feedback – no matter how small or trivial. That is how you can help us improve ScootPad and make it more relevant and effective for you.

ScootPad Team

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