Looking Ahead to the 20/21 School Year

Educators, by no means will the 20/21 School Year be “normal.” In fact, “normal” is being redefined as we publish this. The COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc across the globe and everyone has been affected in some way. We are extremely sensitive to what this means for you when you return to school in the Fall. Below we answer popular questions in an effort to help you prepare.

1. How does ScootPad support distance learning?

ScootPad is perfectly poised to handle effective distance learning. Whether the return to school is in-person, completely virtual, or a hybrid model, you can use the platform to track student mastery and academic growth over time. Check out each of the tips below to see how to incorporate ScootPad into your plans for the Fall.

Tip #1: Automate Practice and Drive Intervention

Tip #2: Provide Instruction and Keep Students Engaged

Tip #3: Monitor Student Progress Through the Curriculum

Tip #4: Motivate Students to Reach for the Stars

2. How can I get trained before classes start?

Virtual BootCamp is offered periodically through the Summer and a special PD certificate will be offered to those who have attended for the majority of the time. It is not too late to attend a session so come and join us!

Click here to RSVP for ScootPad for Beginners (Suggested Pre-requisite for Virtual BootCamp)

Click here to RSVP for an ADMIN BootCamp experience.

Click here to RSVP for a TEACHER BootCamp experience.

3. Will ScootPad help with potential skill loss?

Absolutely! When you get started in the Fall, you will be able to place students in Learning Paths which cover the last 2 units from the previous grade and the first 2 units from the students’ entering grade. (i.e. A 5th grade classroom would be placed in a LP that was 4 units – the first two units would cover 4th grade and the last 2 units would introduce the students to 5th grade). In addition to these new pre-built paths, you will be able to give students baseline assessments to determine if students need to spend more time working on previous grade level content or of they are ready to move on and learn new skills. Below are 2 resources that can assist you with this transition.

All About that Baseline Data [RSVP for the webinar]

Rebounding from Knowledge and Skill Loss [Webinar recording]

4. Can we contact ScootPad to discuss our school’s implementation?

Of course! This is something we STRONGLY encourage all school admins with a license to do. Click the options below based on your role and we can ensure you are prepared for the new year.

Admin: My school has a license

Teacher: I have a classroom license


Stay safe and healthy,
The ScootPad Team

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