How Florence School District Three launched distance learning during the COVID-19 Pandemic

COVID-19. The dreaded virus which has wreaked havoc across the globe has forced schools everywhere to implement distance learning protocols. Unfortunately, many of the schools and districts had to do this quite literally overnight. While this has been challenging, to say the least, several districts are leading the way in this effort.

Florence County School District Three is the second-largest of the five school districts in Florence County, South Carolina. The district is home to many well-known graduates, such as Challenger astronaut and physicist Dr. Ronald E. McNair, as well as many doctors, lawyers, educators, judges, and business leaders. The ScootPad team virtually interviewed Mary Howard, the district’s Director of Early Childhood & Elementary Education to understand their implementation of ScootPad during the pandemic.

Why did the district choose ScootPad for its students?

“We chose ScootPad because of the ability to create Personalized Learning Plans for students using MAP scores. Also, ScootPad was already being used in K-2 classes.”  

Mary Howard, Director of Early Childhood & Elementary Education

How have you implemented distance learning for the average teacher and student?

“Teachers started with assisting and monitoring paper packets to moving into distance learning using Google Classroom and ScootPad. Students started with paper packets for the first 3 weeks, then moved to distance learning.” 

Mary Howard, Director of Early Childhood & Elementary Education

How has ScootPad helped the district in the effort to roll out distance learning for your students?

“ScootPad made it very easy for K-2 teachers and students to continue with standards-based teaching and learning. Currently, administrators are monitoring students’ engagement and achievement weekly.  Teachers are using data daily to monitor and adjust in Google Classes.  Teachers are using data to group students for small group remediation.”

Mary Howard, Director of Early Childhood & Elementary Education
Screenshot showing 3 important metrics: Problems Solved, Concepts Remediated, and Concepts Unlocked

What challenges did you run into and how were they addressed?

“Challenges with grading; but we created Learning Paths based on Pacing Guides to ensure all standards were taught and students were able to practice the same content being taught in Google Classes.” 

Mary Howard, Director of Early Childhood & Elementary Education
Screenshot showing the district’s custom Learning Paths aligned to their pacing guides

What support has ScootPad provided to the district as you navigate distance learning?

“ScootPad has provided outstanding district-level support to effectively move from paper packets to distance learning for all students K-2.  The Customer Success Team provided quick responses to all emails and provide weekly check-ins to ensure implementation was efficient.  Video PD was provided to teachers and parents.” 

Mary Howard, Director of Early Childhood & Elementary Education

What feedback have you received from all stakeholders?

“Teachers love the reports to be able to quickly see student achievement and to monitor any students needing additional support.  Students, parents, and teachers love the ease of the program.”

Mary Howard, Director of Early Childhood & Elementary Education

Helpful Resources during the COVID-19 Pandemic:

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ScootPad is 100% committed to supporting your school/district with Free online learning during these very difficult times. Please do not hesitate to reach out to our support team at if you have further questions.

Stay Safe!
The ScootPad Team

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