[School Closure Tip#4] Motivate students to reach for the stars!

Hey Educators! You’re starting to settle into a routine and you’ve been observing how students are responding to online learning. Ultimately, your goal, by the end of the year, is to ensure that students achieve academically. Now more than ever, academic achievement will be tied to how often your students use their resources in order to show proficiency. In this fourth and last post in the School Closure Tips (series), we intend to show you some innovative ways to keep students engaged.

1. Encourage students to monitor their progress!

As students launch into their classrooms, they will see one or more tasks to complete. Encourage students to make note of the name of the task, subject, due date, and % complete. When students know what they are working on and how to review their progress they will be more inclined to participate. Click here for a short video you can view and also send to parents which will serve as a guide for helping students monitor and own their progress.

Why is this important? Students may have gone from using technology in the classroom as supplemental tools to having to use their devices and resources for several hours a day. If students are simply given instructions to sign in and work on “their ScootPad”, they may not understand how they’re doing and why it’s necessary to work on specific tasks. By encouraging students to monitor their progress, this will motivate them intrinsically and they will be encouraged to work on tasks more often.

2. Use weekly goals to increase activity!

Many platforms encourage the use of “Time” as a metric to gauge student performance. Here at ScootPad, we do not suggest using time since this can be manipulated and does not directly correlate with student achievement. Instead, we suggest the metric of “problems solved”. If students know they have a specific goal to achieve, they will crush and even exceed it.  This is a surefire way to guarantee that students are able to master all concepts assigned to them! Click here to read more about how ScootPad tracks time.

Why is this important? The more students practice in ScootPad, the more Knowledge gaps we fill, and the more time the teacher saves. The students achieving the goal see a noticeable improvement in concepts mastered as evidenced by their Learning Paths and overall proficiency reports. In the above picture, the teacher has a goal of 25 math problems solved for the week. Students are clearly crushing it! So teachers, to modify your weekly goal, go ahead and click here.

3. Take the Behavior feature to another level

Teachers, navigate over to Features>Behavior and now you have a way to get super creative with motivating your students! First, in Behavior Settings, you can fully customize (add, delete & update) behaviors YOU need based on your new “online classroom”. How about Class Wall participation? Completed daily video lessons? Record positive or negative behavior for each student or all students easily (you can even record for a previous date!). Add a note for record-keeping & real-time feedback for students & parents.

Why is this important? Just because students are “at home” doesn’t mean they aren’t required to be “in school” at least some part of the day. Asking them to check-in, complete lessons, and participate are the same things you would have required before online learning became mandatory. So why not make it fun! Click here for a short video that you can use and share with parents showing students how to locate their Behavior wheel. When students see this, this is another intrinsic motivator to reach for the stars!

4. Make the Fun Zone worth it

The Fun Zone is the ultimate spot for your students to keep them engaged. As students launch practice, assessments, spelling, read eBooks and work on math facts, they can earn coins. Keep in mind that coins are automatically earned for solved problems, words spelled correctly, completed e-Books, and completed Learning Paths. ScootPad will also award bonus coins for mastered math facts and exceeding the weekly goal. Teachers can also award bonus coins for completed assignments or just about anything! Students can redeem earned coins for games and other fun swag. That sense of accomplishment will definitely keep them coming back to ScootPad! Click here for a video that goes through the student experience in ScootPad.

Why is this important? FUN is mandatory! This will reduce anxiety and give students time to just relax. Students need this break from the constant instruction and practice on their devices. Time to just have fun can be built into their day while on ScootPad! Call it the fun hour in the fun zone! Award them bonus coins for games! Engage and partner with parents so that the rewards the students see can be fulfilled by the parent!

4. Other cool ways to motivate your students

  1. Customize the growth mindset message by highlighting a different student or students each day until you’ve gone through your entire class.
  2. Record yourself teaching or reading a book and embed this into the Class wall. Then engage students in discussion.
  3. Send your students on a scavenger hunt in their house. Use the “Projects” feature to outline what they need to find by uploading a video of yourself giving them a pep talk!
  4. Reset any of the 6 Leaderboards and have a contest for the timeframe of your choice!

Helpful Resources during the COVID-19 Pandemic:

  1. Teachers: Getting Started Video [Click here]
  2. Teachers: Training Video Playlist [Click here]
  3. Live PD: To schedule a live PD session for your teachers [Click here]
  4. Admins: Getting started video [Click here]
  5. 4 Recorded webinars: Mastery, Remediation, Assessments, and NWEA [Click here]

ScootPad is 100% committed to supporting your school/district with online learning during these very difficult times. Please do not hesitate to reach out to our support team at support@scootpad.com if you have further questions.

Stay Safe!
The ScootPad Team

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