[School Closure Tip#3] Monitor student progress through the curriculum

Educators, for the entire school year, your students have received direct instruction from you. By following a pacing guide and executing on your quarterly, unit and weekly lesson plans, you were able to ensure that students could move onto challenging content and be prepared for the next school year. Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this has come to an abrupt halt. In this third post in the School Closure Tips (series), we intend to show you 3 ways to mitigate academic losses and ensure students move through the curriculum.

1. Enable fully automatic assignments

When you create a class in ScootPad, we ask you to select the Math and ELA Learning Paths appropriate for your students. We suggest choosing a year-long path (i.e. Common Core, Eureka Math, Go Math) which allows ScootPad the opportunity to conduct a thorough check across each concept and identify any skill gaps.

Why is this important? Students may have skill gaps from the concepts you previously taught. When placing them in a year-long Learning Path, the diagnostic will identify concepts where students previously struggled. This gives us the opportunity to fill those skill gaps by automatically remediating. This will help the student achieve mastery in all of their grade level concepts so that next school year, they haven’t fallen behind. Do a Google search on “academic impacts of COVID-19” and you’ll find a plethora of articles on this topic. When you enable automatic practice in ScootPad, we go to work filling each and every skill gap which saves you countless hours in the classroom.

2. Target specific concepts for extra practice

Automating practice is a time-saver as it will help students to spiral back on skills they may have forgotten. However, targeting specific concepts by way of lessons or additional practice is a great way to keep the dial moving. COVID-19 may be preventing you from being physically present in a brick and mortar classroom, but don’t let the situation prevent you from being super innovative and creative in delivering instruction to your students.

Why is this important? The COVID-19 pandemic has forced teachers to get super creative with instruction. When you embed a video into ScootPad and it is of yourself or a video of a peer, the student connects with this and can proceed in their learning. Use these for instruction and intervention touchpoints. Don’t worry if videotaping yourself is something not on your agenda right now. Scour YouTube or various teaching sites and you’ll find lots of open educational content that you can assign to students.

3. Evaluate student growth using assessments

Take a look at your yearly plans or pacing guides and see where you have left off. With the federal government waiving requirements for standardized tests, that is definitely one less assessment you have to be concerned about. Nonetheless, for your own records, you can gauge where students are by providing them with short formative assessments, unit or chapter-based interim assessments, or longer and more summative comprehensive assessments. ScootPad offers over 15,000 out of the box assessments that you can assign in less than 2 minutes!

Why is this important? Considering schools won’t be back to normal until, in most cases, the Fall, using assessments will allow you to monitor student progress over time. This method also gives you the opportunity to intervene in a timely manner and ultimately ensure that students move through the curriculum. To learn more about Assessments, click here for a recorded webinar.

Helpful Resources during the COVID-19 Pandemic:

  1. Teachers: Getting Started Video [Click here]
  2. Teachers: Training Video Playlist [Click here]
  3. Live PD: To schedule a live PD session for your teachers [Click here]
  4. Admins: Getting started video [Click here]
  5. 4 Recorded webinars: Mastery, Remediation, Assessments, and NWEA [Click here]

ScootPad is 100% committed to supporting your school/district with online learning during these very difficult times. Please do not hesitate to reach out to our support team at support@scootpad.com if you have further questions. In the next post, we will tackle how to keep students motivated while at home.

Stay Safe!
The ScootPad Team

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