[COVID-19] Troubleshooting and accessing help

The COVID-19 pandemic presents a challenge in the realm of education that is unprecedented. To that end, we want to make sure you can navigate our resources and get the help you need very quickly. Read below for how you can get help for some of the most common issues:

1. Students: Having trouble signing in

  1. CLEVER: If your students were added when you imported your classroom via Clever, have those students go to www.scootpad.com/signin and click “Sign in with Clever”
  2. GOOGLE CLASSROOM: If your students were added when you imported your classroom via Google classroom, the students MUST be signed in to Chrome using their school assigned Gmail account. Then the student can go to www.scootpad.com/signin and click “Sign in with Google”. If the student is not signed in to Chrome and they click “Sign in with Google”, ScootPad will not recognize the email (because it is more than likely the parent’s email address and not the email address connected to your Google classroom).
  3. LAST RESORT: If all else fails and students are still having a difficult time signing in, irrespective of the way they were added to the system, click here for a step by step guide to ensure they have their ScootPad assigned User ID and password. This is assigned to ALL students in the event that other methods don’t prove fruitful.

2. Students: Having trouble accessing tasks

  1. If students are having difficulty seeing the tasks you have assigned, please have the student/parent send you a screenshot of what they see when they sign in. You can also see what the student should see by signing into their account. By navigating to Rosters>Manage students, you can sign in as each student and see their dashboard. Click here to see the student experience.
  2. If students see the wrong tasks, make sure you have the correct subjects enabled/disabled. Click here for a step-by-step guide to setting up your classroom with the correct subjects.

3. Parents: Having trouble connecting to student

Parents can connect to their child in 2 ways:

  1. The teacher must type in the parent email under Rosters>Connect Parents. This will send the parent an email to connect. Click here to get started.
  2. The child can give the parent a special code so that the parent can connect. Click here for a short video showing the parent how to connect. TIP: Parents, after adding in the student’s code, go to your inbox and verify your email to complete the process.

4. General Troubleshooting

  1. If students cannot hear content being read to them, click here to learn more about the Voice Read Aloud feature.
  2. If students experience any issues while launching ScootPad via the iPad app, have students launch ScootPad via the Chrome browser preferably. We are not supporting the app at this time.
  3. If ScootPad does not seem compatible on your device, the user should click “Check Device Compatibility” which is also a link on the sign in page. ScootPad is NOT supported on phones or devices smaller than 7 inches.
  4. If students experience any issues with Adaptive Practice click here to troubleshoot.

NOTE:If students are using a school/district assigned device and have trouble watching videos, seeing tasks, and/or receiving error messages, this may be due to some conflicting web filtering software the school/district has added to the device for safety purposes. Please send an email to support@scootpad.com if this is the case and make sure to copy the school/district contact so that our team can work with them.

5. Using the Help button

Answers for most questions are right at your fingertips in our Help Center. Popular resources and FAQ articles are just a few clicks away! Click on the orange help button, then type in a word(s) in the search bar and ScootPad will return the articles or videos that match your keyword. You can also send us a screenshot as shown below.

6. Training resources to get you started immediately

  1. Teachers: Getting Started Video [Click here]
  2. Teachers: Training Video Playlist [Click here]
  3. Admins: Getting started video [Click here]
  4. Teachers and admins: Daily “Ask ScootPad” webinar [Click here to RSVP]
  5. Parents: Weekly “Help for my child” webinar [Click here to RSVP]

ScootPad is 100% committed to supporting your school/district with Free online learning during these very difficult times.

The ScootPad Team

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