[School Closure Tip#2] Provide instruction and keep students engaged

Educators, ScootPad is committed to helping you as you transition from teaching in a physical classroom to providing students with online enrichment and instruction. In this second post in the School Closure Tips (series), we will show you 3 ways to deliver instruction to your students.

1. Use the Class wall to motivate students and encourage collaboration

Navigate to the class wall and start writing! You can write a text-based message, link to a collaborative Google doc assignment, and even include a YouTube video for students to watch! Click here for step by step directions.

Why is this important? Due to the uncertain times ahead, your students can benefit from some collaboration with their peers. Literally overnight, students went from gathering together with friends for 6-8 hours per day to staying at home. This is probably quite stressful and engaging them on the class wall can foster collaboration and increase motivation. “I like how ScootPad provides an opportunity for my students to have fun learning. They earn coins when they complete assignments. They also enjoy writing positive comments to their peers on the class wall.” – M Mitchell, Hereford Elementary School, AL

2. Use lessons to intervene and provide guidance

Lessons can be as simple as browsing the ScootPad lesson bank and assigning to one or more students or as intricate as embedding a video into ScootPad that you have created yourself. How awesome would it be for your students to click on a video and see you! Click here for a 2-minute video showing you how to embed a video into Lessons.

Why is this important? The COVID-19 pandemic has forced teachers to get super creative with instruction. When you embed a video into ScootPad and it is of yourself or a video of a peer, the student connects with this and can proceed in their learning. Use these for instruction and intervention touchpoints. Don’t worry if videotaping yourself is something not on your agenda right now. Scour YouTube or various teaching sites and you’ll find lots of open educational content that you can assign to students.

3. Engage students with video projects

In the first 2 methods above, we’ve shown you how to use embedded videos to motivate, intervene, and guide students. In this method, use a video inside the projects feature to also ask the students questions and have them respond. The cool part about using a video in this way is that it can be ANY subject since you don’t have to tie it to a standard! Click here for a 2-minute video walking you through how to use the Projects feature. This is a game-changer for instruction and how teachers use ScootPad!

Why is this important? ScootPad is not designed to replace classroom instruction but enhance it. In the absence of having you instruct your students in the classroom, providing them with a visual lesson with engaging questions puts you back in the driver’s seat as you gauge what your students know and what they need more help in.

Helpful Resources during the COVID-19 Pandemic:

  1. Teachers: Getting Started Video [Click here]
  2. Teachers: Training Video Playlist [Click here]
  3. Admins: Getting started video [Click here]

ScootPad is 100% committed to supporting your school/district with online learning during these very difficult times. Please do not hesitate to reach out to our support team at support@scootpad.com if you have further questions. In the next post, we will tackle how to ensure students move through the curriculum.

Stay Safe!
The ScootPad Team

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