[School Closure Tip#1] Automate Practice and Drive Intervention

Educators, ScootPad is committed to helping you as you transition from teaching in a physical classroom to providing students with online enrichment and instruction. In the School Closure Tips (series), we will show you how to automate practice, deliver lessons, ensure students move through the curriculum, provide mini-assessments and even keep students motivated. In this post we will specifically tackle automating practice and driving intervention.

1. Automate Practice with Adaptive Learning Paths

First, get started by assigning a Learning Path aligned to various state, CC, or international standards or even popular textbooks. Next, ensure that students start in diagnostic mode.

Why is this important? Due to the uncertain times ahead, we recommend diagnostic mode so that we can thoroughly check if your students are missing gaps from concepts you’ve previously taught this school year. “I think this will be helpful for our students during this difficult time. This will be a learning path just for them since I can’t do it for them in class” – Chris Hunter, Baggett Elementary School, GA

2. Watch remediation happen automatically

In your classroom, you are able to work with students when they need to have a quick reteaching of skills. In the new reality of online classwork, we are confident we can assist with this task. First, as Diagnostic Mode ends, students are automatically ushered into Practice Mode within their Learning Paths. Next, if ScootPad detects that a student is struggling we automatically scaffold content in real-time, providing the student with instruction and practice in prerequisite concepts.

Why is this important? This is a lifesaver given the current circumstances millions of students and teachers are in. Not being able to enter a school or receive remediation puts unnecessary strain on the student and the caregiver. Below you can see how to view the students receiving automatic remediation and in which concepts. Keep in mind that this REMEDIATION happens automatically and seamlessly within the students’ adaptive practice sessions.

3. Drive intervention using targeted improvement practices

ScootPad was not designed to replace classroom instruction but it was designed to supplement it and be of great assistance in the classroom. In times like this, we want you to know that you can depend on us to help you intervene in a timely manner and get students back on track. Targeted improvement practices help you do exactly that. When ScootPad exhausts all available resources, and determines a student and/or concept needs re-teaching from the teacher – this is when you’ll see concepts in the learning path in red and marked as needing “Intervention”.

Why is this important? While your students are working from home they will most definitely encounter concepts that they still struggle in despite the automatic remediation we have provided. Having access to the Intervention Monitor provides a brief snapshot of students requiring re-teaching in both Math and ELA concepts. Launching the Intervention Monitor (aligned to the RTI framework) helps you quickly identify and implement your re-teaching and intervention strategies.

targeted practice 3.22

Helpful Resources during the COVID-19 Pandemic:

  1. Review Step-by-Step Playlist [https://video.scootpad.com]
  2. Register for a Getting Started webinar [Click here to RSVP]

ScootPad is 100% committed to supporting your school/district with online learning during these very difficult times. Please do not hesitate to reach out to our support team at support@scootpad.com if you have further questions. In the next post, we will tackle instruction and lessons so stay tuned.

Stay Safe!
The ScootPad Team

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