School’s closed? Use ScootPad at home!

You and your students have access to ScootPad 24/7. So whether you have an extended break, students require instruction at home, or there are circumstances requiring school closures, incorporate ScootPad to ensure that student learning can continue.

Below we’ve broken down how ScootPad helps you implement this strategy:

1. Supplement classroom instruction with Targeted Lessons

Assign pre-built instructional lessons or upload your own! Then, tag them with standards and assign them to students to supplement classroom instruction.

2. Reinforce classroom instruction with Targeted Practice

You’ve already provided the necessary in-class instruction to students in the standards that align with your lesson plan. Next, choose the concepts you want your students to have additional practice or homework in. These could be concepts you just taught in-class or previously taught concepts that you would like to reinforce. This is called Targeted Practice. In the below video, the teacher is assigning 1 Targeted practice session which will have 6 concepts and 5 questions each. A Targeted Practice can contain up to 10 concepts with 10 questions each and you can assign as many as you’d like!

Targeted Practice 320

 3. Provide teacher-driven intervention by assigning Improvement practices

ScootPad automatically remediates students and gives them practice in lower-level skills in order to fill skill gaps. However, if a student appears on the Intervention monitor (when concepts in the Learning Path are flagged red), then it’s time for the teacher to step in and assign a special Targeted practice. This “Improvement practice” is designed to help the students show their proficiency after being retaught the concepts in which they struggled. With consistency in answering questions correctly, the students will no longer appear on this monitor. No more red concepts! Way to go students! In the below video, the teacher decides to assign an Improvement practice to 2 students needing assistance in 5.OA.A1

targeted practice 3.22

4. Generate a “digital study packet” from assessment results

A sound assessment strategy is imperative to ensure you can get growth data at the end of the year. With that said, head over to the results of a recent assessment and create a practice customized for each student or a practice based on a specific concept. In the below video, the teacher reviews a previous assessment and assigns practice to specific students in a specific concept.

Targeted practice 3.24

5. Use reports to create a differentiated practice

As students launch practice after practice, your go-to report which is super actionable will be the Mastery Grid. This report allows you to view student performance in their Learning Path by Mastery status and Score. In the below video, the teacher changes the slider to Mastery score in order to assign “Concept Improvement” practice sessions.

Targeted practice 3.25

6. Monitor student progress and reassign practice as necessary

Each strategy above leads to a specific type of targeted practice. Whether your students will be home for an extended period of time or in class, you can sign in to your account and monitor/reassign practice as necessary.

Targeted practice 3.26

Assigning supplemental practice is super easy and ScootPad makes it simple in the event students need to continue instruction at home! In addition to the above, remember to give students feedback and bonus coins for their efforts!

There is always more to learn so don’t hesitate to explore or reach out to our support team by clicking the orange Help button.

The ScootPad Team

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