Lake Tahoe Unified chooses ScootPad to deliver NWEA MAP driven learning paths

We’re pleased to announce that Lake Tahoe Unified Schools has selected ScootPad! All elementary students in the district will have Learning Paths personalized by their NWEA MAP Growth RIT scores!

Kelly Martin, the district’s Elementary Educational Technology & Curriculum Coordinator states, “Lake Tahoe Unified School District was looking for a solution to bridge the data we receive using NWEA MAP and supporting students in filling their knowledge gaps. After viewing a short webinar we were astounded with the possibilities that we saw with ScootPad. We decided to pilot ScootPad with our afterschool program, specifically targeting mathematics. We aligned the students’ paths with their NWEA MAP data and the overall results were astonishing. Students who consistently used ScootPad made incredible growth. It became clear that we needed to implement ScootPad with all our elementary schools and students. We are proud to partner with ScootPad to help our students grow and provide the teachers with the data they need to better support their students.”

Stay tuned for more school and district highlights as we share successes and best practices using ScootPad! Sharing is caring!

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