Cool implementation tips for classroom success!

As we launch into November, we want to help you pump up the volume in your classroom with some super cool tips that will drive engagement through the roof!

1) Make the Personalized Diagnostic your BFF

How it works: Concepts in the Learning Path are delivered to students in order of their dependency on one another. The Personalized Diagnostic kicks off practice by quickly determining how many concepts students know and how many need additional practice. Students are given 3 questions per concept. When all 3 are answered correctly (Mastery Score 100%), this concept is moved to “Mastery Check Ready” status.

How it helps: By students only getting 3 questions per concept, they get a chance to jump deeper into the Learning Path and unlock challenging concepts much quicker! Without the Diagnostic enabled, students must answer a minimum of 20 questions per concept and achieve a Mastery score of 80%.

Zachary passed 10 concepts for a total of approximately 30 questions, while in Diagnostic mode but Cole went straight into Practice mode and for the same 10 concepts went through 200 questions!

Learn more! Click here for an In-Depth look at the Personalized Diagnostic!

2) Take the Fun Zone to another level

How it works: The Fun Zone is the ultimate spot for your students to keep them engaged. As students launch practice, assessments, spelling, read eBooks, and work on math facts, they earn coins. They then redeem earned coins for games and other fun swag. That sense of accomplishment definitely drives intrinsic motivation.

How it helps: The more problems students solve, the closer they get to mastering every concept in the Learning Path. The more coins they earn, the more rewards they can redeem! It’s a win-win! By intentionally scheduling a time during the day or at the end of the week for students to recharge, they will be motivated to press on full-speed ahead! Remember, students can also earn bonus coins when they surpass the weekly goal, master a concept, finish a Learning Path and finish reading an eBook!

3) Encourage students to OWN their learning!

How it works: As students launch into their classrooms, they will see one or more tasks to complete. Show students how to review their progress in their Learning Paths, assessments, and targeted practice. When students know and understand what they are doing, they will be more inclined to participate. Click here for a short video showing how to guide your students.

Students can click on view progress to see what’s been mastered!

How it helps: Students love knowing what’s happening! It’s easier to get a student to work on their practice when they understand how far they’ve come and where they need to go. The destination is important! Plus, as stated in #2, the rewards are pretty awesome too.

4) Create strategic small groups for the win!

How it works: Analyze data no more! Simply pull up the Intervention monitor and we seamlessly group students together for you. It’s really that simple! Below is a snapshot illustrating creating a small group of 6 students to re-teach RL.8.1. When you have re-taught the concept and you are confident the students can showcase their new knowledge, check the concept and the students and assign a concept improvement practice.

How it helps: After students have completed the improvement practice, measuring progress is a breeze. Below is a snapshot of a specific practice being monitored. The teacher can choose to reassign the concept to the student if additional attempts are needed.

Quick FAQ: How long does it take for a student to drop off from the Intervention Monitor?

Once the student’s proficiency improves, they will no longer appear on the Intervention Monitor. ScootPad incorporates a new method to determine mastery based on the “decaying average” or a.k.a. “moving average” formula. Traditional averaging would punish the student for not understanding it at the beginning. Decaying average weights the most recent score at 65% and therefore gives a final score that better shows the student’s current understanding. 

We hope you enjoy watching the leaves change color and drop off the trees! Please continue to send us your feedback – no matter how small or trivial – that is how you can help us improve ScootPad and make it more relevant and effective for you. There is always more to learn so don’t hesitate to explore or reach out to our support team by clicking the orange Help button.

The ScootPad Team



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