ScootPad and NWEA partner to enable seamless MAP Assessment Driven Adaptive Learning Paths

We’re excited to announce a new partnership with NWEA to enable seamless integration between MAP Growth assessments and ScootPad’s Adaptive Learning Paths.

Teachers today have to jump through hoops to determine what each students’ MAP Growth RIT scores mean, how each student is performing in each goal performance area compared to their grade level norms, how to design an individualized learning path for each student, where to find and assign instructional resources, how to continuously monitor students to identify knowledge gaps and offer just-in-time remediation to help each student achieve growth and demonstrate progress on their MAP Growth tests.

To help rescue teachers from this daunting and impractical task, ScootPad partnered with NWEA to offer teachers an intuitive solution powered by ScootPad’s MAP Learning Path Generator to make MAP Growth RIT scores instantly actionable. Teachers and schools can easily (with just a few clicks) generate personalized learning paths for each student based on their latest MAP RIT scores to enable adaptive remediation and personalized mastery of the MAP aligned curriculum. As a result, students achieve significant growth and improvement in their RIT scores while teachers focus on data-driven instruction and intervention.

“We’re constantly seeking new and innovative ways to help educators maximize every instructional minute of the school day,” said Bharat Kumar, Co-founder and CEO of ScootPad. “We’re delighted to offer this integration with NWEA to instantly enable adaptive learning paths for each student to achieve personalized mastery and automatic remediation. We look forward to working with our district partners in the coming weeks to further streamline this process across the entire district and saving teachers even more time to focus on teaching and interventions.”

Ready to learn more?

  • Click here for the step-by-step instructions which you can print and follow.
  • Click here for the short 2 minute video illustrating how it works.
  • Click here to join a webinar and see this feature live and ask questions.
  • Click here to schedule a personalized demo for your school or district.

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