NWEA MAP Growth + ScootPad = RIT Score-Aligned Learning Paths!

In partnership with NWEA, we’re excited to release the revamped MAP Learning Path Generator! We guarantee 100% alignment to the NWEA MAP blueprints and MAP tests available for Common Core and most states, making sure that your students are receiving differentiated practice where they need it most. The Learning Path will work the same way you have come to know and love. Here’s what to expect:

1) Teachers and admins can easily generate individualized Learning Paths for students based on their latest MAP RIT Scores across Goal Performance Areas in both Math and ELA (Reading & Language).

  1. Select a classroom and then one or more students
  2. Select your state or test alignment and then the specific MAP test taken
  3. Enter Lower RIT Scores from your latest MAP Class report or export
  4. Select or enter Target RIT Score for each student in each performance area goal
  5. Review Learning Path summary
  6. Save it only or save and assign to the student right away

2) As students launch Adaptive Practice, they will work on concepts aligned to their MAP goal performance areas and be automatically remediated/scaffolded, presented with instructional lessons, and assessed with automated Mastery Checks

3) Gather valuable insights from the vibrant Adaptive Practice dashboard as you visualize students progressing in their Learning Paths. Take the guesswork out of which concepts are in a state of remediation or have been mastered!

4) Further challenge students by setting the Target RIT Score to the NWEA Norms Grade Level Mean or Grade Level Max Target. In this release, you can select from the drop down or type in your own score! 

5) Get started!

  • Click here for the step-by-step instructions which you can print and follow.
  • Click here for the short 2 minute video illustrating how it works.
  • Click here to join a webinar and see this feature live and ask questions.
  • Click here to schedule a personalized demo for your school or district.

There is always more to learn so don’t hesitate to explore or reach out to our support team by clicking the orange Help button.

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