Top 7 Improvements for 2019 (in case you missed them!)

Over the Summer we released some pretty cool enhancements and updates. In case you had an extended vacation to Paris, Waikiki or even Greenland we are listing them all below for you 🙂

  1. Availability of over 10,000 pre-built assessments
  2. The ability to review revamped reports by classroom grade level
  3. The ability to schedule the next Learning Path
  4. Availability of new Texas ELAR Standards
  5. The ability to see student activity chronologically
  6. The ability to monitor automatic remediation
  7. The ability to create individualized MAP Growth Learning Paths from RIT scores

1) Availability of over 10,000 pre-built assessments

The new Assessment Suite is available ahead of the 19/20 school year! Over 10,000 out-of-the-box formative, interim, and comprehensive assessments will be a great complement to students’ practice and your strategy to assess student growth. You will find pre-built assessments covering Common Core, 13+ State Standards, NWEA Map Growth and 10+ Textbooks (EngageNY, Eureka Math, Go Math, envisionMath, Bridges, CPM Math etc.).

2) The ability to review revamped reports by classroom grade level

Start off the new school year by creating a brand new classroom. Then select your grade level. This new tag is very important and will allow data to be filtered in various reports from the teacher level to the admin level. Without this tag, data may not roll up easily for admins or be easily filtered out for teachers. Visualize student data aligned to the respective classroom grade level in proficiency reports at both admin and teacher level. In the example below, the classroom is tagged as 6th grade, hence the teacher is able to see overall proficiency aligned to the 6th grade.

3) The ability to schedule the next Learning Path

With this highly requested feature, teachers can easily schedule the next Learning Path at any time and let ScootPad automatically assign that next learning path when the student completes their previous learning path. This offers students an opportunity to continue learning without waiting for the teacher!

4)Availability of new Texas ELAR Curriculum

Using the revised curriculum, teachers and administrators from Texas can easily browse and assign pre-built Learning Paths and Assessments (including NWEA MAP Simulations) for grades K-8 in ELA. This revised curriculum is now available for all users with an active license and doesn’t require any additional license or setup. ScootPad supports the major revisions to the TEKS ELAR standards as follows:

  1. Seven strands
  2. Vertical alignment across grade levels
  3. Revision to genres

Click here for detailed information from the Texas Education Agency regarding these revisions, which includes resources for vertical alignment and side-by-side comparisons.

5) The ability to see student activity chronologically

Student activity is of paramount importance and our activity report helps you know exactly where students spent their time. In the revamped view, we give you the ability to display activity chronologically! This is a game changer as it gives you insights into the specific order that students received Mastery Checks, assessments, lessons, and Targeted and Adaptive Practices.

6)The ability to monitor automatic remediation

We are super excited about this update!  Currently, when a student is struggling, we automatically deliver scaffolded content in real-time, providing the student with instruction and practice in prerequisite concepts. This AUTOMATIC REMEDIATION happens with no involvement from the teacher and seamlessly as the students launch adaptive practices. In this release, we are pleased to introduce the Remediation Monitor which provides an insight into which concepts students initially struggle in and how ScootPad is helping to fill those skill gaps.

7) The ability to create individualized MAP Growth Learning Paths from RIT scores

We released the NWEA MAP Growth Learning Path generator back in March and you raved about it! With the most recent updates, it’s 100x better. Click here for a short 2-minute how-to video and see a screenshot of the adaptive practice dashboard below!

To RSVP for a webinar where we showcase all of the improvements, click here! We hope you’ll enjoy these improvements and save more time every day! Please continue to send us your feedback – no matter how small or trivial – that is how you can help us improve ScootPad and make it more relevant and effective for you.

ScootPad Team

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