Need a TenMarks Replacement? ScootPad Can Help.

We know that TenMarks has helped many students and teachers over the years. (In fact, we know plenty of teachers who use both TenMarks and ScootPad in the classroom!) Since TenMarks is no longer available, we want to help make your transition from TenMarks to ScootPad as easy as possible.

Whether you’re simply looking for another Math practice tool or you’re interested in more subjects and resources, we think you’re going to love ScootPad’s personalized mastery platform!

ScootPad is currently used by over 2 million students and 100,000+ teachers in all 50 states, and we’re the most comprehensive personalized mastery platform (Math and ELA) for Grades K-8. ScootPad is free for teachers to start and we offer unlimited license plans for teachers, schools, and districts. To see our plans, learn more, and get started using ScootPad with your students, visit our plans page today!

Try ScootPad Today!

If you have any questions or need a demo or help with anything, please contact Jennifer Smith by emailing or by calling 1-614-465-3880.

ScootPad Team

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