New Feature: Schedule the NEXT Learning Path!

Introducing the ability for teachers to schedule the next Learning Path for student(s)! Currently, teachers can only set up one learning path at a time for each student and they would have to manually assign another learning path only after the student has mastered the current learning path. 

With this new feature, teachers can easily schedule the next Learning Path at any time and let ScootPad automatically assign that next learning path when the student completed their previous learning path. This offers students an opportunity to continue learning without waiting for the teacher!

To schedule the next learning path, navigate to the Adaptive Practice dashboard, select the student(s) and then click the Setup Next Learning Path button. Watch it in action in the short video below:

Here are some cool ways to use this new feature:

  1. Set up Learning Path extensions to challenge those advanced students
  2. Build Unit specific learning paths and control which students can move ahead
  3. Schedule the next MAP Growth Learning Paths (Fall > Winter > Spring)

To learn how to schedule the next Learning Path, click here to read the step-by-step instructions.

We hope you’ll enjoy this new feature and save more time every day! Please continue to send us your feedback – no matter how small or trivial – that is how you can help us improve ScootPad and make it more relevant and effective for you.

ScootPad Team

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