18/19 End of the Year Checklist

ScootPad is kicking off the Summer by introducing a revamped Personalized Summer program for students!  This will certainly come in handy as you wrap up the 18/19 school year!  Keep this in mind as you review the quick checklist below. It details action items for the transition out of an awesome school year into the Summer.

1. Download your student data

We’ve made it super easy for you to download student practice data! Launch your class and navigate to reports. Below we detail the suggested actions, reports, and what you can expect.

  • Export Practice Data: Click on Download data. Once the file has completed we will notify you via email. Come back to the download data page in a couple of minutes and voila! Output: Student practice data for every concept worked on, including remediated concepts.


  • Export Assessment Data: Click on Assessment Grid. Click on the copy icon and then paste the info to Google sheets, Excel, or Numbers (iOS only). Output: Latest student score for every standard which has been assessed.

export assessment data

  • Print Assessment Growth Report– Click on Assessment report. Filter by student and subject. Click on the print icon. Output: For each standard assessed, you will see growth across assessments in a bar graph. Great for a student’s IEP portfolio!


  • Print Student Activity Report– Click on Activity Dashboard. Change the date to reflect the past school year. Output: Comprehensive view of Math questions and facts, ELA questions, Spelling words, and eBook pages read for each student. Clicking on details allows you to drill down by student.


Don’t worry admins. You can also download school or district level practice data pretty quickly. Check out the short video below. When you’re ready, launch your site, navigate to Data>Reports>Download Data. Select the specific schools (district admin) or classrooms (school admin). Once the file has completed we will notify you via email. Come back to the download data page in a couple of minutes for the file.


2. Enable Summer Learning for your students

Check your subscription expiration to ensure students’ can practice over the Summer! Summer Learning can be managed by you, an admin, or even us! Want more info? Click here to schedule a quick call with us to review Summer options or click here to download a flyer to send home to parents.

“I love it! I used it for my 4th graders from mid-April until the end of the year.Then, I asked my student families if they would like their child to stay on my class roster for the summer. 8 students enrolled until August 18th and participated daily.”

Ms. Adams, MI school

3. Create rewards for students to redeem their coins

Coins are tied to the classroom in which they are earned, so encourage your students to use their coins on games and/or fun, end-of-the-year rewards. Consider giving away old posters, books, or supplies for coins! Add a reward with just a few clicks!

“I love how compact ScootPad is for elementary school students. Having so many tools all in one app is amazing! The students love earning coins to buy rewards that I have set up and educational games already set up by ScootPad. Thanks ScootPad!!”

Mr. Ahlborn, ID school


4. RSVP for FREE Summer Virtual BootCamp (PD)!

The Virtual BootCamp season kicks off in June and you are invited! 🙂 Close to 500 users registered for the sessions last Summer and became experts at ScootPad! There are various sessions and you can easily RSVP to hold your seat. We’ve revamped the sessions to reflect new feature updates including all new NWEA features, better progress monitoring tools, and remediation visibility to name a few. You don’t want to miss this one of a kind hands-on and completely immersive PD experience!

“I learned how the students view ScootPad when they get in and how cool it is to use. I also learned about assessments and how to create my own. Interesting fact of how to assign the same task twice to compare growth. That I will definitely use soon.”

-Ms. Henry, NC school

Summer is a time to relax, have fun, and recharge for the new school year. We’re still here to help you if you have any questions over the summer. Send us an email via your account or check in with us on Twitter!

Happy Summer!

The ScootPad Team

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