New Report: Weekly Goal Performance!

Hey teachers! We’ve got a brand new report for you! Introducing the Weekly Goal Performance Report! This report will allow you to see how students have tracked towards the goal, giving you a longitudinal view of student goal attainment over time. Read below for more details.

1) What is the weekly goal anyway?

When students have goals, they have something to push for. They are motivated to go for the gold. By default, every student has a weekly goal of “50 problems to solve” in Math (practice, fact fluency, and assessments) and ELA(practice and assessments) each. This number can be adjusted by teachers at any time. When is the goal not applicable? When students are not assigned Math or ELA to work on. i.e Mr. Lawson’s class uses Spelling only in his classroom which means the Weekly Goal is not applicable.

2) How can I see if students achieved the goal for this week?

The teacher dashboard is chock full of information. Launch your classroom to see recent student activity and how students are tracking towards the goal! Drop a line of encouragement for them to keep going! Remember that each question solved moves them closer to the goal. Did you know that any student who exceeds the weekly goal automatically receives bonus coins based on how many questions OVER the goal they have solved! Whoohoo! 

3) How can I see if students achieved goal in previous weeks?

It’s super simple! On the dashboard, simply click on “Review Previous Weeks“. Next, toggle to see the performance data for the present week and the past 3 weeks. Clicking on the headers will sort the columns by student name, problems solved, and goal achieved.  Here’s a nifty help article which will walk you through it!

Thanks to all the teachers who requested this ability! This new report will now help you keep track of your students’ achievements.

Pam McDonnell,  a teacher at Arthur E. Wright Middle School in Las Virgenes Unified School District, CA writes,

“8th graders reading below grade level are using ScootPad to improve their vocabulary, reading comprehension, decoding, and other standards-based skills. They enjoy having weekly goals to keep them focused.” 

We hope you’ll enjoy this new feature to maximize your learning impact and save time every day! Please continue to send us your feedback – no matter how small or trivial – that is how you can help us improve ScootPad.

ScootPad Team

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