Introducing the MAP (NWEA) Learning Path Generator!

Today we are pleased to release the MAP (NWEA) Learning Path Generator! This is a HUGE feature which was the most requested by teachers and administrators in the recent past. 

Here’s everything you need to know to get started with this new feature!

1) What is the MAP (NWEA) Learning Path Generator?

This is a new feature which gives you the ability to generate Individualized Learning Paths for students based on their latest MAP RIT Scores. This will ensure that students are working on concepts aligned to their MAP goal performance areas! The Learning Path will work the same way you have come to know and love. Students will see scaffolding, instructional lessons, and automated Mastery Checks. In addition, students will be further challenged based on the Target RIT Score you choose!

2) How does the MAP (NWEA) Learning Path Generator work?

Sign into your account and head over to the Content Library by clicking Content from the top navigation. From there, click on “Generate MAP Learning Paths” and follow the steps below and as illustrated in the video.

  1. Select the Student. Choose the student you wish to generate this learning path for.
  2. Enter RIT Scores. From the student’s latest MAP Goal Performance Report, enter the RIT scores. Choose the target RIT Score.
  3. Review Learning Path. Review the generated learning path summary.
  4. Save & Done. You can save it only or save and assign to the student right away.

3) How do I learn more?

We’ve got you covered!

  • Click here for the step-by-step instructions which you can print and follow.
  • Click here for the short 1 minute video illustrating how it works.
  • Click here to join a webinar and see this feature live and ask questions.
  • Click here to schedule a personalized demo for your school or district.

We hope you’ll enjoy this new improvement to maximize your learning impact and save time every day! Please continue to send us your feedback – no matter how small or trivial – that is how you can help us improve ScootPad.

The ScootPad Team

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