ScootPad Updates for 4th Mar 2019

We are ushering in March with a boatload of updates for you! Today’s updates include:

  1. 1000+ Learning Paths aligned to popular textbooks and standards
  2. New streamlined and simplified dashboard
  3. Revamped Features menu
  4. Simplified Intervention Monitor
  5. Revised Help Center

1) 1000+ Learning Paths aligned to popular textbooks and standards

This HUGE improvement will help you choose Learning Paths from very popular textbooks such as Eureka Math, Bridges, enVisionMATH, MyMath etc. (see full list below). Textbook aligned Learning Paths mean that you can focus on student progress and results versus reviewing the textbooks to manually assign practices! Navigate to the adaptive practice dashboard to assign these new learning paths or create a brand new classroom.


2) New streamlined and simplified dashboard

The homepage overhaul has been completed! We’ve kept it simple as you requested. Classrooms, popular resources. Yep, that’s it! Your classrooms (teachers), school (admin), district (admin), or student(parent) is the most prominent feature on the page with amazing resources at your fingertips so that you get RESULTS!

3) Revamped Features menu 

The Features menu has gotten a facelift!  ELA is now separated from Math.

All class settings can now be found in the same place! 🙂 Click on Class settings and then each of the areas as shown below to see what’s been updated!

4) Simplified Intervention Monitor

Our Intervention Monitor empowers you with recommendations and insights on how you can predict and address interventions across the whole-class (tier 1), small groups (tier 2) and 1:1 (tier 3). In this enhancement, we give you the option of viewing each tier individually or all at once! Plus, with one click you can view the RTI pyramid to visualize the tiers and how many concepts and students need interventions!

5) Revised Help Center

We want you to be super comfortable navigating around ScootPad so we have brought more of the Help menu to the forefront. On the dashboard you have access to downloadable popular resources. These vibrant and printable documents will ensure you know what’s most important! Click the help button and check out the different options!

We hope you’ll enjoy these improvements and save more time every day! Stay tuned for a VERY BIG improvement (Ability to generate Individualized Learning Paths based on NWEA/MAP RIT Data) coming in a couple weeks and please continue to send us your feedback – no matter how small or trivial – that is how you can help us improve ScootPad and make it more relevant and effective for you.


The ScootPad Team

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