Using Pre-Built End of the Year Assessment Simulations

Ditch those antiquated test prep booklets and get students ready for state testing with pre-built end of the year simulations! With online simulations, you can easily assign to students and the results are available immediately!

Below we’ve answered a couple of your questions regarding how to use the pre-built assessments:

1. Which end of the year pre-built assessments are available?

We have the following pre-built assessments: CAASPP for CA, GMAS for GA, EOG for NC, AIR for OH, FSA for FL and VSOL for VA. In addition, we have PARCC and SBAC simulations which have been adopted as the end of year assessment by many states.

assessments nwea 1

2. Can I build my own assessment with my state’s standards?

Of course you can!  ScootPad offers 13 different state standards. Within the Content Library, the question bank gives you the ability to design an end of the year assessment to assess multiple skills. Focus on priority standards, specific domains, or even have ScootPad generate an assessment for you from your existing Learning Path!


3. What data is available at the assessment level?

For each assessment, you have insights at the student, standard, concept and question level allowing you to easily adjust your instruction to ensure no standard is left unaddressed. Spot trends and project questions onto a SmartBoard for classroom review! You can also assign Targeted Practice on concepts students struggle with..

4. Can I use the assessments to show growth?

Yes! Simply assign any of the assessments as a pre-test and then copy the assessment with the same questions or we can generate a new one with different questions for your post-test! Then run our Assessment Growth Report to review overall growth, growth by standard, and growth by student.

overall growth

There is always more to learn so don’t hesitate to explore or reach out to our support team by clicking the orange Help button.

The ScootPad Team

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