What’s coming to ScootPad in early 2019?

As the end of the first month in 2019 rapidly approaches, the ScootPad team would like to give you a sneak peek (mockups) into what’s coming over the next 10-12 weeks.

  1. Simplified and more intuitive Homepages
  2. Popular and printable resources available on the homepage
  3. Streamlined Classroom Wizard experience for getting started
  4. Ability to choose Textbook Aligned Learning Paths
  5. Ability to generate Individualized Learning Paths based on NWEA/MAP RIT Data

1) Revamped Homepages (Teachers, Admins, Parents, and Students):

Yes!  We hear you and the homepage overhaul is in progress. Let’s keep it simple. Classrooms, PD resources. Yep, that’s it! Your classrooms (teachers), school (admin), district (admin), or kid(parent) will be the most prominent feature on the page with popular resources at your fingertips.


2) Popular and printable resources available on the homepage:

This will literally be a time saver. Your simplified homepage will boast “popular resources” tailored to your role that will be both vibrant and printable! In addition, there will be a resource detailing how ScootPad will help you get results while saving you time!

3) Streamlined Classroom Wizard for getting started: 

Getting started shouldn’t be a chore. This improvement streamlines the entire process so that you walk away with a clear understanding of your classroom set up and ultimately what’s next.

4) Textbook Aligned Learning Paths:

This improvement will help you choose Learning Paths from very popular textbooks such as Eureka Math and Bridges. It’s not too late to submit your vote for the textbooks that you use! Click here and submit 🙂 Textbook aligned Learning Paths means that you can focus on student results and monitoring progress versus repeatedly assigning practices! Learning Paths = Automatic (Practices) Assignments which scaffold and spiral back!


5) Ability to generate Individualized Learning Paths based on NWEA/MAP RIT Data

We’ve saved the best for last. Teachers, the ability for you to input student RIT scores is knocking on your classroom door. This enhancement will give each student their own path with targets! Can you say time saver? Not only will being in a Learning Path allow ScootPad to fill skill gaps but these enhanced Learning Paths will also target challenging concepts keeping your students enriched and engaged. Click here to give us feedback about how you use MAP data!


Stay tuned as we gradually release these improvements over the next 10-12 weeks and help you save more time and get results every day! Please continue to send us your feedback – no matter how small or trivial – that is how you can help us improve ScootPad and make it more relevant and effective for you.

The ScootPad Team

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