Pump up the fun in your classroom!

Students work hard all week on ScootPad solving problems and earning coins. In addition, students are doing awesome things in your school which can be considered coin-worthy. We checked out some schools to see how they use coins, rewards, and games to intentionally engage their students and compiled a list of best practices. Check it out!

Rewards! Rewards! Rewards!

Students at McConnellsburg Elementary in PA can redeem rewards for lunch buddy coupons, homework passes, and even school bucks! Curtis Broker, a teacher from the Lincoln School in Nepal runs an auction at the end of the week. How awesome! The sky’s the limit and setting up rewards is super easy. Click here to get started 🙂StaticShot_26-11-2018_16-28-54.png

Bonus Coins!

Did you know that you can reward students with bonus coins? This is in addition to the coins they receive for each question answered correctly in Math and ELA, each word spelled correctly and each eBook completed. You can award bonus coins for just about anything! Here’s some great ideas for awarding bonus coins compiled from teachers in several OH school districts:

  1. Going above and beyond on a classroom project.
  2. Participating in a community service event.
  3. Winning the school spelling bee.
  4. PBIS classroom initiatives.
  5. Just because!


Host a game day (or hour)!

Timetable Tuesdays. Fact Fluency Fridays. Hour of Code. How about Game day Friday?This is a neat idea being used by several teachers in Los Angeles Unified School District,  where they intentionally give students bonus coins in order to play games! Try it out!


Incorporate games into the lesson!

Many ScootPad games have an educational component. Change things up a bit and award coins for students to use as part of a lesson. Increase cognition and improve memory by keeping their minds active. Whether it’s Math, ELA or you simply want them strategizing, we’ve got you covered so your students can take a break and solve problems in a different format!

Math games

ELA/Geography games

Strategy games

Our built-in game-like features make the learning process visual, rewarding, and fun. Students are motivated and engaged to learn daily. There is always more to learn so don’t hesitate to explore or reach out to our support team by clicking the orange Help button and typing “coins” or “rewards” in the search bar.

The ScootPad Team

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