Using “Goals” vs “Screen Time” to Track Student Progress

With the advent of apps used both inside and outside of the classroom, comes the need to track student learning, or how much time students spend on these apps and devices towards learning. Below we explain why “goals” is the metric we suggest you use instead of “screen time” to spur students on to mastery!

1. ScootPad tracks time on task only, not time on screen

ScootPad calculates time as the time students spend in a focused state on a task. A task is defined as Lessons, Practice, or Assessments in either Math or ELA.  A focused state is when the task at hand is actively in progress.

An example:

  • Student signs in to ScootPad at 11:15. Plays a game for a couple minutes. Starts a targeted practice at 11:20. Accesses another tab to pull up a calculator while still in the practice. The time that the student spends focused on the calculator, any other applications, or the other tabs which are also open ARE NOT captured. The student also played a couple rounds of Tic Tac Toe and Minesweeper before signing out at 11:40.When a teacher pulls the activity report it shows 1 min and 59 s on task although the student is adamant that the full 25 minutes was spent in ScootPad.

Ponder this:
  • The total time the student spent in ScootPad was 25 minutes (11:15-11:40)
  • The total time in the task was actually 7 minutes (11:20-11:27)
  • ScootPad ONLY captures the time in the tab itself which eliminates the possibility that a student could be playing games while signed in or accessing other tabs and components of their device, which is NOT TIED to student achievement.

Therefore, taking all of the above into consideration, we suggest using the GOAL feature as your metric. This feature is very reliable as it takes into account all task activity which results in problems solved (practice and assessments).

2. Using weekly goals motivates students to excel

The goal board is a feature which allows teachers to set a weekly goal in Math and ELA for their students to attain. Why is this important? When students have goals, they have something to push for. They are motivated to go for the gold. They engage in friendly competition! In the below picture, the teacher has a goal of 25 math problems solved for the week. Students are clearly crushing it!

3. Using weekly goals is directly tied to student achievement

Check out these stats:

  1. Based on real time analytics, students in ScootPad are solving a boatload of problems! To put this in perspective, approximately 500k problems were attempted on Tuesday, October 30th alone!
  2. The average classroom has approximately 81% of their students achieving the weekly goal in Math or ELA.
  3. The students achieving the goal see a noticeable improvement in concepts mastered as evidenced by their Learning Paths and overall proficiency reports.
  4. The more students practice in ScootPad, the more Knowledge gaps we fill, and the more time the teacher saves.

In other words, setting a goal, tracking it via the Goals feature, and monitoring how students are pacing, is a surefire way to guarantee that students are on the right path! Now we are not advocating that students spend 7 hours a day on ScootPad. That would be excessive and dangerous. However, we are advocating for you to dissect their screen time and look at problems solved instead. It is a reliable metric and eliminates the possibility of students wasting valuable time.

Go ahead and Google screen time. The results are pretty telling. However, in the most recent article posted by Education Week, 22% of elementary principals said students DIDN’T spend enough time in school on devices with screens.  This is certainly not something we hear everyday but it does make sense. Teachers need to be very selective as to what apps and programs they put in front of their students so they may be leaning towards being more conservative. Well rest assured that when students use ScootPad, they are working towards a meaningful goal set by YOU!

“I really like how Scootpad tracks my kids progress. They enjoy being able to advance and see their progress…” Teacher, TX

There is always more to learn so don’t hesitate to explore or reach out to our support team by clicking the orange Help button.

The ScootPad Team

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