Admin Excellence: Best Practices

Admins! You play an important role in ScootPad. Any instructional technology purchase is a big investment and we do not take it lightly! In this post, we’ll share some best practices to help you stay engaged and empowered in order to help your teachers and students excel!

1. OnBoarding and Ongoing Engagement for SMART Implementations

Best Practices: SMART Implementations have a strong Kickoff!

When ScootPad is purchased, even if you are renewing, we strongly suggest you participate in a short kickoff call. All successful implementations start SMART!

  1. S-We’ll help you define a SPECIFIC goal(s)
    1. Intended outcome, vision for implementation…
  2. M-We’ll show you how this can be MEASURED in ScootPad.
    1. what features, which reports…
  3. A-Who’s in AGREEMENT? We suggest that all ADMINS attend the meeting in order to share the same message.
  4. R-We’ll determine how students will be ROSTERED and work through ensuring your goal is REALISTIC, taking into consideration possible constraints.
  5. T We’ll help you define a TIMEFRAME to ensure this is realized.

Best Practices: Ongoing Engagement for the win!

During the Kickoff call we will define various checkpoints to touch base with you and make sure everything is going as planned. Use these opportunities to make adjustments, review data, pinpoint conflicts, share wins, and look ahead.

2. Helping Teachers Teach Smarter

Best Practices: Develop a Curriculum Mapping Strategy

As you begin to use ScootPad, think about how you and your teachers will measure growth. At the admin level, you have the tools to build Learning Paths for practice and remediation and Assessments to assess and measure growth. Share with all users as step 1 of a sound Curriculum Mapping strategy.


district LP
District shared Learning Path
district assessment
District shared Assessment


Best Practices: Use Knowledge Heatmaps to help teachers teach smarter

Knowledge Heatmaps give you insights based on data analyzed from thousands of students and millions of data points. The more students use ScootPad, the more data they contribute; the more data they contribute, the smarter ScootPad becomes at predicting which concepts teachers should emphasize the most. Concepts are color-coded and grouped into easy, medium or hard categories making it simple for teachers to narrow down and focus. Step 2 in your Curriculum Mapping strategy would be using these insights to help teachers make pivots to instruction and target specific concepts proactively.


Step 3 is periodically monitoring high level insights and reports in order to review in grade level meetings, PLC’s or teacher development sessions. Both admins and teachers can view practice and assessment data side by side for accountability. Refine Learning Paths and lesson plans as necessary to ensure student success!


3. Professional Development and Help

Best Practices: SMART Implementations utilize Professional Development

ScootPad is committed to providing educators with various ways of learning how to implement successfully.

  1. Virtual webinars (open to all) [Click here to bookmark]
  2. Virtual webinars (scheduled only for the school/district) [Click here to bookmark] 
  3. On-demand video library [Click here to bookmark]
  4. Self-Paced Virtual BootCamp (Printable guides and videos)
    1. Part 1 of Virtual BootCamp [Printable Guide] [Module 1 video] [Module 2 video]
    2. Part 2 of Virtual BootCamp [Printable Guide] [Module 3 video] [Module 4 video]

Best Practices: SMART Implementations access help 

The ScootPad help library has a wealth of info and resources for you and your teachers. Make the orange help button in the upper right hand corner of your account your best friend! In addition, admins are empowered to know and understand ScootPad by becoming the resident expert, or mentor, at their site!


  1. Help articles [Click here to bookmark]
  2. Admin cheat sheet [Click here to bookmark]
  3. Teacher cheat sheet [Click here to bookmark]

Lastly, we encourage you to plug in and stay connected. Follow our blog! If you’re an admin reading this post, go ahead and click the follow button in the lower right hand corner of this page. 🙂 There is always more to learn so don’t hesitate to explore or reach out to our support team by clicking the orange Help button.

The ScootPad Team

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