Teacher Empowerment: Best Practices

How does ScootPad empower teachers to be ready to tackle student achievement? Read below for super helpful best practices!

1. Navigating and Managing the Account

Account and classroom setup, navigation and management on ScootPad is super important as each affects the student experience tremendously.

“Our PLC has 3 ELA classes and I need to be a co-teacher in all of them. ScootPad makes it very easy for us to separate each class and track progress along with the other members of my PLC. We can assign different content to each class and also view the classes on the leaderboards for friendly classroom competition!  – Middle School ELA teacher, Alaska

Few Best Practice Recommendations:

  1. Launch the Quick Tour to understand ScootPad basics and get started.
  2. When setting up your classroom(s), to prevent students from completing work in content areas that you do not teach (or want disabled), ensure that those areas are enabled or disabled.
  3. If you need multiple classrooms, make the class names unique to avoid the headache of trying to figure out which classroom is the correct classroom.
  4. Set up goals, rewards,and engage parents! Students will stay engaged when they are working towards goals that are challenging but meaningful and perhaps an awesome reward is attached! Also, increasing parental involvement pays dividends. Less printing of reports and more student accountability!
  5. Review reports and notifications often! These insights show you who is struggling, who has redeemed a reward, who still needs to complete a task and more!

2. Professional Development Opportunities

“Between these two webinars and all the how-to videos, I am confident I’ll be able to implement scootpad. I am excited about all the individualized lessons!” -Teacher, Indiana

ScootPad offers several ways for teachers to learn how to use the platform effectively versus a one-size-fits all approach. Click here to see which can work best for you.

Few Best Practice Recommendations:

  1. Launch the Quick Tour to understand ScootPad basics and get started.
  2. Bookmark this teacher “cheat sheet” which is frequently updated with top articles for teachers!
  3. Identify your ScootPad admin(s) and ScootPad mentor(s) as they can answer most questions in reference to  students, licensing, and if/when virtual PD can be scheduled.
  4. Make the orange help button your BFF! Clicking on it offers access to Getting started videos, FAQ’s, How-to videos for every feature, Solution videos, and webinar links 🙂

teacher gify.gif

3. Connecting with the ScootPad community

We encourage you to plug in and stay connected!  Follow our blog!  If you’re reading this post, go ahead and click the follow button in the lower right hand corner of this page. 🙂 From your ScootPad homepage, post an idea or share resources. Of course, feel free to take it to Twitter and share a pic of real time classroom implementation! Your followers will get to see how awesome you and your students are 🙂

Few Best Practice Recommendations:

  1. Tweet, Tweet, Tweet 🙂
  2. Add a quick success story or case study right from within your account
  3. Tell others often!

StaticShot_17-10-2018_16-02-13.png StaticShot_17-10-2018_15-43-56.png

“ScootPad has been a wonderful addition to my classroom! I use it for those students who struggle as well as those who are advanced. It really lets me individualize and meet all students needs.” –Teacher, Indiana

Do you have any cool ScootPad stories or best practices to share? Submit them by clicking here and inviting others to read all about it! Did we mention you can tweet! There is always more to learn so don’t hesitate to explore or reach out to our support team by clicking the orange Help button.

The ScootPad Team

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