Parent Engagement: Best Practices

Students are super eager to use ScootPad at home, which is awesome and the best case scenario! However, parents and teachers probably have lots of questions and we have all the answers. Read below:

1. What is ScootPad anyway?

ScootPad is a K-8 platform that adapts to the needs of each student, remediating all learning gaps, to help each student reach their full potential. A ScootPad subscription gives the student access to Math, ELA, eBooks, and Spelling. In addition, your child may be assigned writing tasks, projects, or asked to submit a reading log.

“My students love to practice their Math and Reading skills using ScootPad at home. Their parents love it too.” – Teacher, NC


Few Best Practice Recommendations:

  1. Each school and classroom may be using specific features differently, so we suggest you ask the teacher what does your child have access to.
  2. Watch a quick overview as a parent (click here) and also as a student (click here) to learn more.

2. Linking your child in the parent portal

Now that you know what ScootPad is, we want you to definitely have access to your student. The ScootPad parent portal gives you the insights you need to stay on top of student progress within ScootPad. Have you received a parent invitation letter with student credentials or has your child come home asking you to sign up so they can receive coins? Either way, we invite you to link to your child so that progress within each classroom is just a few clicks away!

link student.gif

Few Best Practice Recommendations:

  1. If your child signs in to ScootPad with a userID and password, this is what is needed to link to your account. You can also add additional kids who may not attend the same school!
  2. If your child signs on with Google or Clever this year, give the teacher your email address so they can connect you on their end or have the teacher send a parent invitation letter with the student details.

3. Reviewing reports and notifications

Parents, staying on top of how students are progressing in ScootPad is super important! It saves teachers from having to print reports and we know that everyone absolutely loves technology. It’s a win win!

“We love ScootPad! Our students find it easy to use. The parents enjoy the timely feedback and the reports are very straightforward!”- Admin, Pennsylvania


Few Best Practice Recommendations:

  1. As a parent you have access to the following reports:
    1. Math and ELA: Mastery Report, Activity Tracker, Assessment Report, and Diagnostic Report. In addition, the activity tracker is where you can go to view details for every task (assessment, classwork, and homework)
    2. Spelling: Learning Path and Practice Results
    3. Behavior Report
  2. Once linked to your student, you can also have the student show you their dashboard to see the tasks they have to complete.
  3. Once teachers assign students tasks, you and the student will receive instant notifications about due dates. These appear in your message center!

4. Help resources available

We encourage you to plug in and stay connected. Follow our blog! If you’re a parent reading this post, go ahead and click the follow button in the lower right hand corner of this page. 🙂 Make the orange help button your best friend!

“We use it for Homeschool supplements!  I LOVE IT!!! I use the Google sign in as a teacher and the Facebook login as the parent, as the parent I have them log chores and as their teacher I have them do Math”– Parent, Homeschool

Few Best Practice Recommendations:
  1. Launch the Quick Tour to understand ScootPad basics and get started.
  2. There’s always help available by clicking the orange help button in the top navigation bar!
  3. Join a parent specific webinar on Thursday’s by clicking here!
  4. The At-Home Classroom offers parents an opportunity to assign remediation and extra practice for their children. This does not connect to the work the student does in school but offers the parent the ability to create rewards and provide the student with one on one help. If you are thinking homeschool soon, check out the free 60 day trial!

StaticShot_17-10-2018_16-02-13.png There is always more to learn so don’t hesitate to explore or reach out to our support team by clicking the orange Help button.

The ScootPad Team

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