Mastery Checks and Assessments Help Students Recall Knowledge!

ScootPad is dedicated to helping teachers teach smarter and not harder! To that end, we kicked off the school year sharing how your classroom can get started with Diagnostic Mode and Adaptive Practice. This helps REINFORCE the skills you are teaching. Next, we shared how automatic REMEDIATION detects and fills all knowledge gaps. Now, let’s discuss 2 ways ScootPad helps students RECALL what they have been taught and are practicing.

Automatic: Mastery Checks

Continuous practice leads to mastery and ScootPad makes this possible by strategically spacing mini assessments delivered automatically as students launch adaptive practices. We call these Mastery Checks and they are indeed quick checks for understanding in the concepts statused “Mastery Check Ready.” Here are few quick tips to note:

  1. Mastery Checks are deployed seamlessly without teachers having to assign them.
  2. When students have concepts left to practice in the learning path, they are not aware that the Mastery Check is delayed (at least 48 hours). Towards the end of the learning path, this delay is more noticeable as students have less concepts to practice. We recommend having additional tasks ready for students who are at least 90% of the way through their Learning Paths.
  3. Each Mastery Check session gives students the opportunity to show the knowledge retained from previously practiced concepts. As concepts are passed in the session, their status changes to “Mastered”. If the student misses the concept, it is tagged as “Practice In-Progress” and will be queued / spiraled for more practice.

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Manual: Assessments

Teachers and Administrators can assign one of our pre-built simulation assessmentsentry-exit tickets, or simply build their own assessment in order to have students RECALL knowledge. Assessments in ScootPad look identical to a practice session and is the BEST way for you to see growth in your students over time. Here are few quick tips to note:

  1. Pull an assessment report and ScootPad plots student data points in an easy to read bar graph format. This is great to stick in a student portfolio. Plan your RTI interventions using ScootPad assessments and monitor student progress daily if necessary!
  2. At a classroom level, run our Assessment Growth Report to review overall growth, growth by standard, and growth by student.


3. Next, check out the Proficiency by Standard report which compares Practice and Assessment data side by side.


“Knowledge will only stick if we repeatedly and periodically “recall” (output) from the brain and apply it. If knowledge is not recalled or applied, it will be lost — hence our emphasis on spaced mastery assessments and ability for teachers to periodically assess knowledge retention.” said Bharat Kumar, co-founder of ScootPad. Click here to read more about the Retrieval Practice – a powerful strategy for improving academic performance without more technology, money, or class time.

Learn more about Mastery Checks and Assessments by registering for a FREE webinar!  There is always more to learn so don’t hesitate to explore or reach out to our support team by clicking the orange Help button and typing “Assessments” or Mastery Check” in the search bar.

The ScootPad Team

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