New from ScootPad: Content Feedback and Improvement Loop

We are pleased to announce the new Content Feedback and Improvement Loop is now active ahead of the new school year! Teachers and students have the ability to flag content issues and get a resolution/response within 48 hrs. This new improvement represents #4 of the 10 improvements that will be ready before you head back! This new feedback loop ensures that we are constantly analyzing content driven by user submissions.

Below we’ve outlined the details of this new process and what you can expect:

1. How can teachers or parents report content issues?

Reporting content issues is a breeze! There are various places which will allow you to see student activity in order to report content. The classroom dashboard, the activity tracker, assessment review and targeted practice results are great places to start!

content loop 1.gif

2. How can students report content issues?

Yes, you read that correctly! Students can now report when they encounter an error by clicking the flag button within their practice or assessment session.

content guf student

3. Are users notified when the issue has been received by ScootPad?

Yes! When an issue is received, the user is immediately notified with a quick online message and also in the Message center (ScootBoard), for teachers and students, a confirmation message can be found.

issue received

4. How will users know when the issue has been closed/resolved?

Our content team will thoroughly review the issue. If there is an error with the content, we will resolve it immediately (typically within 48 hours) and inform the user accordingly as follows:

issue resolved thanks

If there wasn’t an issue (meaning everything looks good), we will still inform the user (to resubmit for reconsideration) and we will close the issue.

issue closed

5. Data-Driven Content Insights

In addition to improving content based on direct user feedback, our content team will also be improving content based on data-driven item analysis and content insights. Our team has access to review the analysis and recommendations generated by our algorithms which scan millions of student responses to ensure that the best content is curated and presented during practice and assessment.

There is always more to learn so don’t hesitate to explore or reach out to our support team by clicking the orange Help button.

The ScootPad Team

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