17/18 End of the Year Checklist

ScootPad is starting off the Summer with a new Fact Fluency module set to release in just a couple days!  This will certainly come in handy as you wrap up the 17/18 school year! Quick sneak peak 🙂 Next, review the quick checklist below which details action items for closing out of this school year. Here’s to a smooth transition!

1. Download and store reports!

Here’s some teacher faves:

  • Student Mastery Report- captures ALL Practice data for any standard/concept students have worked on in a particular classroom. Make sure to filter by subject and quickly print both Math and ELA
  • Activity Dashboard-by changing the date to reflect the past school year, you can print out # of questions attempted, # correct, and time spent for the class!
  • Adaptive Learning Grid– toggle to by proficiency in the upper right hand corner and you can easily copy and paste this grid into excel or Google sheets for standards based grading. TIP: If you used multiple Learning Paths (Custom method), moving students into the comprehensive Learning Path will combine all the data for one report 🙂
  • Assessment Report-print this to have a nice overview of assessment scores by standard for each of your students
  • Assessment Grid- similar to the Adaptive Learning Grid, navigate here to copy and paste students’ LAST assessment score by standard into Google sheets or excel.

2. Enable Summer Learning for your students.

Check your subscription expiration to ensure students’ can practice over the Summer! Summer Learning can be managed by you, the admin, or even us! Want more info? Click here to schedule a quick call with us to review Summer options.

3. Create rewards for students to redeem their coins.

Coins are tied to the classroom in which they are earned, so encourage your students to use their coins on games and/or fun, end-of-the-year rewards. Consider giving away old posters, books, or supplies for coins! [Add a reward]

4. RSVP for Summer Virtual BootCamp (PD)!

PD during the Summer? Sometimes in the evening? Sometimes on the weekend? Yes, yes, and yes! We heard you and we are delivering! Virtual BootCamp is enrolling for Summer with various opportunities for you to get involved! We’ve updated the schedule and it is now offered via a 2-hour Part 1 and a 2-hour Part 2. You don’t want to miss it!

5. Join a 10 Major Improvements Webinar!

As we count down to kickoff the new school year, we will release a 10-part series of blog posts introducing and training you on these 10 major improvementsWe also welcome you to Join a Free Webinar available every week starting in August to learn about these improvements live.

Summer is a time to relax, have fun, and recharge for the new school year. We’re still here to help you if you have any questions over the summer. Send us an email at support@scootpad.com or check in with us on Twitter!

Happy Summer!

The ScootPad Team

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