School Year 18/19 brings 10 major improvements to ScootPad!

We are pleased to announce the following 10 major improvements and new features releasing throughout the summer as we bring you a much more powerful ScootPad to use starting the next school year 2018-2019:

  1. CLEVER SSO AND AUTO-ROSTERING – ScootPad partnered with Clever to enable secure Instant Login so that teachers and students get a seamless single sign-on experience. With the Secure Sync integration, all student enrollment rosters are automatically and continuously synced with ScootPad. This integration only takes a few minutes to set up and helps teachers and students focus on learning.
  2. MANDATORY TRAINING FOR NEW USERS – New teachers and admins will be required to complete a free online training which will take less than 15 minutes! This is an introduction to ScootPad helping new users get started on the right path to make this implementation very effective for their classrooms!
  3. PRE-BUILT BENCHMARK ASSESSMENTS. These out-of-the-box benchmark assessments include simulations and Learning Map Correlations to MAP/NWEA, CASPP/CA, GMAS/GA, EOG/NC, AIR/OH, FSA/FL and VSOL/VA.
  4. CONTENT REVAMP (GRADES K-2) –Revamp of Math and ELA K-2 content with human voice read aloud and age-appropriate vocabulary and texts. 
  5. STEP-BY-STEP SOLUTION – When students get problems wrong, we’ll show them a step-by-step solution to solve the problem which helps them learn through problem solving.
  6. NEW MATH FACTS MODULE – This new feature will help students build up math fluency and improve their speed and accuracy at their own pace. 
  7. CONCEPT HEAT MAP – These grade-aligned heat maps help you predict which concepts your students will most likely struggle.
  8. MASTERY SCORE EXPLAINED – We’ll show you how a students’ mastery score in a concept is calculated including all student responses that contributed to the score.
  9. CONTENT FEEDBACK AND IMPROVEMENT- Teachers and Students will have the ability to flag content issues and get a resolution/response within 48 hrs.
  10. DATA-DRIVEN CONTENT INSIGHTS- AI based insights from thousands of real-world student responses will help drive improvement to content difficulty, alignment, accuracy and quality.

As we count down to kickoff the new school year, we will release a 10-part series of blog posts introducing and training you on these 10 major improvements. We also welcome you to Join a Free Webinar available every week starting in August to learn about these improvements live.

Important: Please make a note that these major improvements will not change the user experience or feature navigation, hence there is no need for user retraining.

We’re sure you’ll love these improvements as much as we do. As always, we welcome your feedback, suggestions and ideas – start a live chat from your account or simply submit a support request.

The ScootPad Team

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