Introducing ScootPad Virtual Bootcamp!

We’re excited to announce that Virtual Bootcamp is LIVE! ScootPad is committed to providing educators with various ways of learning how to implement ScootPad. So to that end, we are offering the opportunity to become an expert in under 4 hours! Click the RSVP button below to reserve your seat!


Read below to see what to expect in this one of a kind, fast-paced, and immersive experience!

1. [Fundamentals] Learn how to use ScootPad by becoming a student

Switch roles and become a student in ScootPad. Each participant in Bootcamp is assigned a unique username and password. This allows you to go through the Bootcamp experience similar to a student completing tasks in ScootPad!


2. [Curriculum Design and Mastery] Explore ScootPad by completing your mission

This Bootcamp mission will set you and your students up for success! It is aptly designed to show you how intuitive it is to design curriculum, get students tracking to mastery, and keep them engaged. Of course, you will also become the resident ScootPad expert:)

tacher mission

 3. [Engagement] Participate in class discussion 

The Community wall is where you can create a post and share it with your school, district or greater ScootPad community. In Bootcamp, we will show you how to do that in addition to how you can use the class wall to create lively class discussion among your students.

class wall2.png

4. [Data Insights] Review your personal growth

The purpose of Bootcamp is for you to become an expert. By taking you through a series of tasks (your mission), we will be walking you through “the how” in ScootPad. In this way, when you go back to your classroom, you will have a thorough understanding of the platform and be able to execute. You will know which report will help you visualize growth over time, mastery, and activity for your students.


5. [Help] How can I contact ScootPad if I need help outside of Bootcamp?

Sign In to your ScootPad account and click the orange help button from the top right corner of your screen. In the Help Center popout, click the Contact Us button. You can also watch any of the on-demand videos, join other live webinars, or review any of the helpful FAQ articles!

orange help

One  participant’s testimonial:
“We just started using ScootPad for our Title 1 program.  Today helped a lot to see that we can assign certain things to students, and that we can really direct them where we want them to be practicing — whether on grade level or below.  Having an idea of what to do helps a lot.  Thanks!”

Bootcamp is offered twice a month and a special PD certificate will be offered to those who have completed all modules. It is not too late to join a session so come and join us by clicking here!

The ScootPad Team

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