Solution Series 5 of 8: Curriculum Collaboration

This school year we introduced ScootPad Solutions, a comprehensive set of student-centered learning solutions for teachers, parents and administrators. In this post, we will discuss the 5th Solution, Curriculum Collaboration.

Below we explore how ScootPad helps you standardize curriculum seamlessly across all classrooms and enables teachers to create, use and share tech-enhanced learning content.

1. Design the Curriculum

The best way to get started in ScootPad is to have a clearly defined set of concepts that your students will need to master. In the below example, the teacher chose 41 concepts to place into a learning path. The student has passed several of them on the diagnostic, has mastered 1 after practicing, and others are in progress. This learning path was shared with the other 5th grade teachers very easily.

lp gif3.gif

After building the learning path, the teacher built a Pre and Post version of a 5th grade Math assessment making sure to pull in the same concepts as in the learning path. This was also shared with everyone.

math assessment

At the end of the marking period, the teacher runs the Assessment Growth report. By giving the students the Pre Assessment and the Post Assessment in the same concepts within the learning path, growth is now measurable. This allows each teacher to make necessary pivots to classroom instruction and provide additional practice in ScootPad. Teachers can choose to provide students with more targeted practice in a concept or instructional lessons for review. Students can continue the practice in their learning paths or move on to more challenging content.


2. Standardize the Curriculum

Once you’ve designed your learning paths and assessments, standardize them and ensure that users throughout your school/district can see them.  In the below example, the teacher has access to district created learning paths aligned to the district’s curriculum. The teacher can simply select a path for their students in just a few clicks!

district shared.png

3. Create, Use, and Share Content

The ability to share content with any ScootPad user means that you can save precious time. All users can be working in the same Curriculum aligned content in just a few clicks with the intuitive learning community interface. Some best demonstrated practices/examples:

  • 3rd grade level teams work together to design 3rd grade learning paths and assessments for their students
  • Math department chair creates learning paths for one or more grade levels
  • School admin creates benchmark assessments for all grade levels

4. Open Content Collaboration

The professional learning community on ScootPad is where you can find, create and share learning content. Each feature below allows you to explore standards-aligned content including assessments, technology enhanced questions, adaptive learning paths, instructional lessons and more.

open content.png

Below are some helpful resources to help you as you start designing and collaborating around Curriculum. As an added bonus, ScootPad can help you make sure your students are set up for success by doing a 15 minute learning path review. These are great for grade level teams during prep time!

15-minute Learning Path Review /Watch a video / Start Designing Curriculum

There is always more to learn so don’t hesitate to explore or reach out to our support team by clicking the orange Help button.

The ScootPad Team

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