Updates to ScootPad: Improvements to Learning Paths and Assignments

Happy New Year! We’re pumped to announce few awesome improvements to ScootPad as you return back to school. These enhancements are guaranteed to make your ScootPad experience smoother and even more intuitive than before!

1. Learning Path Enhancements

The new Learning path % complete metric is available on the adaptive practice dashboard, adaptive learning report, in the learning path view and on the student dashboard. There is also a new way to visualize students’ journey (i.e. Path) towards mastery! See more details below:

Adaptive Practice Dashboard

Your adaptive practice dashboard is where you visualize and manage adaptive learning and diagnostics. Along with the scope of the learning path and mastery progress bar, you will now see a new column for % complete. Our algorithms updates this metric in real time giving you an accurate and latest view of student progress.AP dash complete

Adaptive Learning Report

The printable adaptive learning report is a great resource to hand out to parents. It breaks down the status of each concept in the learning path while also displaying the new learning path % complete metric.


New “Path” view showing a student’s journey

Click the review icon from the adaptive practice dashboard for a student and review the student progress in 4 different views: DNA (honeycombs), Domains, Progress and the new Path (Timeline). Zoom in on a specific status to see which concepts were worked on and when. The new % Complete metric is also displayed in the upper right hand corner.


Learning Path Name Shown on Student Dashboards

Navigate to Privacy Settings and with one click choose to show the learning path name for your students. This setting is applicable for Math and ELA Adaptive Learning.


2. Assignment Enhancements

Create a new assignment and give your students the opportunity to submit it even if the due date has passed. In addition, the new assignment feed section on the classroom dashboard brings your active assignments front and center for a quick review.

Assignment Extension

Give your students a slight grace period and allow for a couple more days to submit their assignments! In the assignment page, simply change the date for the field “Allow Submissions Until” and your students are all set!

late submission

Assignment Feed

The new assignment feed section can be found on the classroom dashboard. Quickly view all assignments in any subject area to get a quick glance of # of students completed, in progress, and reviewed. Review quickly for individual student details in just a couple clicks!

assignment feed

There is always more to learn so don’t hesitate to explore or reach out to our support team by clicking the orange Help button.

The ScootPad Team

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