Solution Series 1 of 8: Mastery Learning

This school year we introduced ScootPad Solutions, a comprehensive set of student-centered learning solutions for teachers, parents and administrators. This week we’ll unpack the mystery behind Mastery Learning, 1 of the 8 ScootPad Solutions, ensuring that you can implement the solution in your classroom easily and efficiently.

Below we’ve broken down how ScootPad helps you enable Mastery Learning:

1. What is Mastery Learning?

Mastery Learning is simply the idea that students need to master a skill before moving on to harder content. ScootPad harnesses the power behind Mastery Learning and the Personalized System of Instruction to transform student learning. As an example, if a student has not mastered addition and subtraction, then multiplication and subsequently division will be impossible. Even though teaching must continue, failure to address these learning gaps in a timely fashion creates a larger gap in the future. In ScootPad, the student who has not mastered addition and subtraction will have content automatically scaffolded to help them move forward independently.

mastery learning

2. Set the Tone with In-Class Instruction

Which concepts are you teaching? Which concepts do you want your students to master? The scope and sequence of the curriculum a student must master is what ScootPad defines as the Learning Path. We offer them pre-built for Common Core, Engage NY, and multiple state and international standards. Get started easily by quickly assigning one of these pre-built paths or customize your own path to better align with your pacing or curriculum guides.

new lep

 3. Assign the Personalized Diagnostic and Adaptive Practice

The Personalized Diagnostic is automatically assigned once your classroom is set up. This assessment is powered by our proprietary K-8 Knowledge Map. ScootPad checks your students’ knowledge in each independent concept before moving to other dependent concepts across their entire learning path. This ensures that each student can get a jump start, launch their adaptive practice where they need help the most and can continue mastering skills at their own pace.


4. Immediate Feedback and Just-In-Time Instruction

A key component of Mastery Learning is the ability for your students to receive timely feedback and instruction at their own pace. This is accomplished in ScootPad through an immediate feedback loop incorporating Instructional Lessons.  Students will receive immediate feedback for each question. If an incorrect response is given, students can see the correct answer and launch an on-demand lesson to learn it right then and there. Time-Out Lessons are also automatically pushed to the student during practice, giving students the opportunity to review and learn a concept when they start to struggle.

Immediate feedback


5. Queue the Automatic Mastery Check Assessments

How will you know if your students have mastered the concepts? Introducing the Mastery Check, strategically spaced quick assessments automatically delivered to your students within their adaptive practice sessions.  Each Mastery Check session gives students the opportunity to show the knowledge retained from previously practiced concepts. As concepts are passed in the session, their status changes to “Mastered”. If the student misses the concept, it is tagged as “Practice In-Progress” and will be queued / spiraled for more practice.


Mastery Learning CAN be enabled in your classroom! Let us help you ensure that your students have a solid foundation before moving on to other skills. In addition, here are some resources to help you as you implement this solution.

Watch a video / Join a webinar / Read a Case Study / TED Talk-Mastery Learning

There is always more to learn so don’t hesitate to explore or reach out to our support team by clicking the orange Help button.

The ScootPad Team

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