New Feature 10 of 10: Content Aligned to Various Curricula

This blog is the 10th of the 10-part blog series introducing you to the 10 new features currently available for your use as you kickoff the new school year.

ScootPad is known for offering a comprehensive K-8 curriculum covering Math and ELA for Common Core. This school year we are proud to provide access to more state and internationally aligned content. Check out our new Curriculum page which details all of the standards supported. With the new curriculum comes new learning paths, assessment banks, and instruction lessons.

Below we’ve broken down what you can expect with the new curriculum and content.

1. NEW State and Internationally Aligned Curriculum

Your ScootPad profile holds the key for the curriculum you will see throughout the platform. You can find this setting under the curriculum tab as shown below. Once changed, you won’t have to adjust each time you give a targeted practice, build a learning path or create an assessment!

curriculum 1

2. NEW Engage NY Learning Paths

Engage NY Learning Paths are available and ready for your students to tackle! You will find these under the Common Core Curriculum for both Math and ELA. These learning paths have been customized to align with Engage NY’s modules and topics which means you do not have to spend time reorganizing as we’ve done the heavy lifting for you! As an example, here’s the Engage NY Grade 4 Module 4 for Math. Below is a section of the Math Grade 4 Learning Path in ScootPad representing Module 4, Topic A.

module 4

 3. Distinct Lesson, Practice and Assessment Banks

When you want to launch a quick assessment using our Entry and Exit Tickets, never worry that students will see the same questions that they are practicing. With separate item banks, you are guaranteed unique problems in practice and assessments for the best experience possible! Add in the lesson bank and with just a few clicks, students can have specific instruction lessons aligned to standards!

item banks

4. Design Curriculum and Collaborate Seamlessly

Standardize curriculum seamlessly across all classrooms and create, use and share tech-enhanced learning content. Join a Curriculum and Collaboration webinar or watch a recorded video to make sure your curriculum in ScootPad is exactly the way you want it to be! [Read a Case Study / Join a Webinar / Watch a Video]


There is always more to learn so don’t hesitate to explore or reach out to our support team by clicking the orange Help button.

The ScootPad Team

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